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How to Make a Halloween Charcuterie Board

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Halloween calls for spooky treats, with lots of candy and chocolate, right? We have you covered with this candy charcuterie board, as well as some healthy Halloween snacks for your next haunted gathering!


We’ve always been big Halloween-ers (is that a word? it is now!) We wanted to highlight the season with some great seasonal candy and some healthy treats for the holiday, as it will definitely be different this year!

Halloween Charcuterie on plates with Halloween candy and healthy treats

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Your typical charcuterie board is filled with crackers, cheeses, meats, grapes, and other bites. For Halloween, we need something a little more on-theme, right? So, we did smaller charcuterie boards (some fun veggies and fruit, some meat and cheese) but the big one is filled with candy, candy, and more candy.

Halloween Charcuterie on plates with Halloween candy and healthy treats

We did separate plates for meats and cheese, fruits and vegetables, and then of course the candy plate!


First off, choose the right treats to feature on your boards or charcuterie platter. There’s really no rule on how much is enough or too much. But more is always better! At the end of the day, just cover the entire platter with all the candy!

Halloween Charcuterie on plates with Halloween candy and healthy treats

I found some cute platters and bowls here:


Choose Favorite Candies

When it comes to Halloween candy, everyone has their favorites. Candy bars, Gummies, chocolate. Choose a great assortment of treats that will give everyone something to choose. Maybe you will even have their favorite!

Halloween shaped cheeses and meats on plates

Make sure to get a combination of chocolate, cookies, and popcorn to use as the larger, bulk items on the platter. These are all options, but go with what you have!

Other Fun Halloween Candy Options

Halloween Fortune Cookies

Gummy Monster Teeth/Lips

Day of the Dead Lollipops

Halloween shaped cheese and meats plate

Healthier Halloween Charcuterie Options

We also chose to do some healthier options for some platters including meats, cheeses cut in Halloween shapes, bite size peppers with candy eyes (we used black icing to secure them/draw the mouths), cheese and pretzel brooms, mandarin oranges with green onion stems, and kiwis cut and decorated to look like Frankenstein.

Halloween Charcuterie on plates with Halloween candy and healthy treats

Halloween Candies

To round out your basic candies, choose a few other options with different shapes and sizes. Some other options are jelly beans and gummy worms.


Balance your colors and it doesn’t need to be perfect.  Make the board feel more inviting by not having perfect piles and groups.


Mix different shapes: pumpkins, long and skinny, round, small and large, to keep your board interesting. Do the same for textures: chocolate covered, shiny caramel popcorn, green Reese’s and M & M’s, candy corn. 

Halloween fruits and veggies on a plate

Also, look at the sizes of the candy you are working with. Put things  in clusters of different shapes, some layered, some stacked. Just see what works.


Use extras like small condiment bowls, cupcake liners (here and here) and more. Look at height and adding layers.

Halloween fruits and veggies on a plate

Colorful Dessert Board

Regardless if you choose sugary or chocolaty candies, or healthier options, the most important aspect board is that it’s colorful. Choose candies and cookies available in colors that pop, as well as things only available for the season itself.  For a dramatic board, select candies and fruits that belong to different color families (maybe yellow, orange or red). Make sure to have variety in colors. Even blue or green would be fun!


That’s what was on our board but you literally could you anything you’d like! The trick is to have a good balance of colorful fruity candies and chocolate candy to create some variety.


The same goes for your fruit and vegetable and meat/cheese charcuterie boards too.

Halloween party ideas on plates with Halloween candy and healthy treats

Add Some Seasonal Touches

You can add plastic gross animals, or skeleton bones to your charcuterie board. Nothing wrong with adding a little gross to the tasty. But, I decided not to go that route this time, and just add some oreo spiders that I made on the top of the platter! Super cute, and edible! Also, don’t be afraid to decorate around your platter with fall decor: pumpkins, confetti, a scary spider or 2, and make sure to keep the colors flowing (as well as the cocktails!)


More Halloween Recipe Ideas


How Do You Make a Candy Charcuterie Board?

  • Aim for different colors, choose favorite candies
  • Arrange in bowls or cupcake liners
  • Have some healthier options, too
  • Fill platter completely
  • Make sure to use different shapes, textures and sizes
  • Seasonal touches and Halloween Candy

Halloween Charcuterie on plates with Halloween candy and healthy treats

And last, have fun doing it, and happy Halloweening!


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Halloween fruits and veggies on a plate
Yield: 1 Platter of Halloween Treats - serves 6-8

How to Make a Halloween Charcuterie Board

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Set up Time : 10 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

This platter of Halloween candy and some healthy treats makes for a great charcuterie board for your next spooky party!


  • Halloween Candies (all assorted kinds - seasonal and favorites!)
  • Healthy foods, meats and cheeses (all different kinds!)


  • Platter or wooden board
  • cupcake liners or small bowls
  • serving utensils if needed (spoons)


For the Candy Charcuterie

    1. Choose a large platter or wooden board. Unwrap the snack-size candy. Stack, and pile the candies into sections, placing things around the board until it fits. Put loose candies like M&M's or jelly beans in small bowls or cupcake liners.

For the Halloween Charcuterie

  1. Make the items ahead of time, the peppers with eyes, broom cheese with pretzel handles, cheese cut in shapes like ghosts and skulls, and peel mandarins and cut green onions to look like thems. You can also make the Frankenkiwis, but I would use melted chocolate to pipe the features on, not black icing like i did because it ran. But, maybe that makes it creepier?


This is meant to be fun, so use any seasonal and favorite candies that poeple like to put on the platter. Make it colorful, and fun for the season.

Add in healthier options, too!

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Lisa Lotts

Wednesday 7th of October 2020

These are such fun ideas for Halloween! My nephews would love those spider oreos and I think those frankenstein kiwis are adorable -- but scary -- but adorable.

The 'Noms.

Thursday 8th of October 2020

Thanks!! Jay said he thought the Frankenkiwis were staring into his soul when he was doing the pictures! LOL!

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