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The Bean and Barley - A Whiskey and Coffee Stout Cocktail with Lucky Bucket and Cut Spike

Photo: Beer and Barley Cocktail


Beer Cocktails

Beer cocktails are a fun way of adding all kinds of flavors into classic and fun craft cocktails. Whether it’s adding a stout into a winter cocktail, or a lager into a summer one, we love playing with beer of all kinds.

We use ginger beer in a lot of cocktails, as well as malt beverages in food and craft cocktails, which add a lot of flavor.  See it here in our Beer and Barley, as well as Coffee and Stout Beersicles!

Irish Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!   A great collection of 20 cocktails that are perfect for starting your St Patrick’s Day celebration off right! These Irish cocktails may not all have Irish ingredients, but they are green, or have the flavors of the holiday in mind! So, get on your favorite lucky green …

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These sparkling holiday drinks are perfect for parties featuring Strawberry Smirnoff Ice!   This sparkling holiday cocktail is perfect for the upcoming season of parties and events! We loved the flavor combination of tart and sweet in this drink, and the addition of some homemade cranberry simple syrup to make it even more holiday themed! …

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Caramel green apple cocktail? Perfect for fall or all year long featuring green apple Smirnoff Ice!   So we love getting together with friends and family during the holidays at various parties and events, and somehow we always get elected or we volunteer to bring the cocktails, hmm, we wonder why? These Caramel Green Apple …

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We worked with a local distillery here in Omaha to develop this cocktail! This Whiskey and Stout Cocktail combines two loves!   One thing we love about writing about food and drink is the opportunity to explore the culture of a city or region. This can really can bring some great insight into a place. …

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