Irish Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

Homemade Irish Cream for St. Patrick's Day

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Irish Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!




A great collection of 20 cocktails that are perfect for starting your St. Patrick’s Day celebration off right! These Irish cocktails may not all have Irish ingredients, but they are green, or have the flavors of the holiday in mind! So, get on your favorite lucky green shirt and have a tipple to drink!



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Irish Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Cocktail recipes for celebrating St. Patrick's Day! Some are green, some have beer, some whiskey, but all perfect for celebrating the day of green!

A festive combo of Guinness beer, whiskey, grenadine and lime! Perfect for celebrating!

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If you are celebrating with brunch, this is the perfect way to do it! This combo of tomatillos, vodka and some spicy ingredients is so tasty!

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A Twist on the classic Irish Coffee - this one has a whipped cream topping that tastes like toasted marshmallows!

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A decadent liquid cookie, this green cocktail is the perfect sipper for your St. Patrick's Day party!

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Easy three ingredient cocktail with tequila, blue curacao and orange juice!

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A boozy dessert cocktail with Bailey's and flavors of mint and chocolate!

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Another green bloody Mary, because St. Patrick's does fall on a Sunday this year, so brunch it up!

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A whiskey based Irish cocktail with white vermouth and grenadine.

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Another dessert cocktail with Jameson and ice cream and coffee! How can it be bad?

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A lighter green cocktail with vodka, ginger beer and cucumber juice! This one is a perfect green drink to celebrate with!

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What an easy recipe to make at home! We should all do it!

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Irish version of the classic, made with Jameson is sure to hit the spot!

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A vibrant green cocktail with the great flavors of Jameson whiskey and midori!

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Cocktails for St Patrick's Day in a round up of 20 cocktails




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