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Pink cocktail

Photo: Blueberry Basil Lemonade

Gin Cocktails

Gin is such a great liquor and so much fun to play with. There are so many types of gin, London Dry, floral, herbal, aged. Each one is so different from the other that one gin may not do the right thing in your drink, so you need to experiment.

When we first started blogging if you would have told us the amount of gin cocktails we would make and gin we have in our house now, we would have laughed at you. But in the last 7 years, it has become a favorite spirit around here, from an easy Gin and Tonic, to a difficult, booze heavy tiki drink!

This Watermelon Gimlet will be a perfect summer cocktail. Made with fresh watermelon syrup, lime juice and gin in a chilled coupe glass!   A lovely pink cocktail is always a favorite around here! We love new recipes like this Watermelon Gimlet, and you will too! Use our fresh watermelon simple syrup recipe made with …

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This Ornament Cocktail is full of fresh holiday flavors that is tart and refreshing, with special festive cheer. Entertain your guests with an interactive cocktail during the holiday season with this delicious Christmas martini served in a clear ornament!   Serving a cocktail in an ornament is a fun way to make Christmas martinis look …

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This Mary Sanderson Cocktail is a great drink for Halloween. What we call a Bloody Bramble, we made a fresh berry syrup for this great Hocus Pocus cocktail for spooky season!   Looking for the perfect drink for a Hocus Pocus Halloween viewing party? Look no further than this fun and easy to make Hocus …

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This Halloween Aviation cocktail is made a beautiful purple color with a butterfly pea flower gin, Empress 1908. We combined it with creme de violette and maraschino liqueur with lemon like an aviation, but the purple of the Empress gin made it so brilliant. Perfect as a Sanderson Sisters Potion!   When we think of …

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