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Bourbon Bacon Cinnamon Rolls are a delicious fall treat.

Photo: Bacon Bourbon Cinnamon Rolls


All sorts of recipes that we have made. Some boozy, some for dinner, some desserts. All sorts of recipes that are tasty and easy to make.

We have a lot of simple syrups, too, from rosemary and basil to Hibiscus and cinnamon.

Appetizers are great, as they go really well with cocktails, of course! As well, as dessert, and they go well with our dessert cocktails!

Check out all we have to offer, and enjoy!

Blackberry Simple Syrup Recipe

An easy, homemade blackberry syrup recipe. This quick syrup lets you add flavoring to cocktails, lemonades or iced tea. Make it in under 20 minutes, using fresh blackberries, sugar and water!   Simple syrup recipes, like this blackberry syrup recipe as well as strawberry simple syrup or lemon simple syrup, are great for mixing into …

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40 Fabulous Bailey’s Irish Cream Recipes

A great list of Bailey’s Irish Cream Recipes including cocktails, cakes and desserts! Perfect for all year long, with many options, these recipes feature Irish Cream Liqueur.   We love Bailey’s Irish Cream, and any Irish Cream liqueur, but especially around St. Patrick’s Day! We wanted to highlight this great liqueur in a variety of …

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