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T & T Sour Amaro Cocktail

Photo: T & T Sour Cocktail

Liqueur Cocktails

Liqueur cocktails are always fun, because liqueurs usually aren’t the stars of the show! Most cocktails have a base spirit and then a liqueur as the sidekick. For these cocktails we have the liqueurs being the star, and they do it very well!

Make sure to check out the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew and the Cherry Blossom! Along with our homemade banana liqueur!

Gin and Tonic in pine glass, green straw

Gingerbread Gin and Tonic

A great winter version of a classic cocktail, this gingerbread cocktail is sure to taste like the holidays!     Happy winter season! it’s getting chilly around here, which always makes us think of baking spices, baking and holiday treats. One favorite Christmas dessert that always appears around this time of year is gingerbread.   …

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Gray Cauldron holding a Halloween Cocktail

Eye Candy Apple Cider Cocktail

This spiced pear liqueur and apple cider cocktail is a treat that can be served warm or cold as a Halloween cocktail!       Happy almost Halloween! We don’t know about you, but sometimes our Halloweens here in Nebraska are pretty cold! We wrap our kids up in costumes, coats, gloves and hats, so …

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A bottle full of homemade banana liqueur sits on a wooden bar top next to a small shot glass with banana liqueur in it while tiki mugs sit alongside.

Homemade Banana Liqueur

So we made some homemade Banana Liqueur!     What would you do with 80 pounds of bananas? This was a situation that we found ourselves in, when we had a friend drop off two 40 pound cases of bananas! Well one can only make so many loaves of banana bread! With us being enterprising …

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