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T & T Sour Amaro Cocktail

Photo: T & T Sour Cocktail

Liqueur Cocktails

Liqueur cocktails are always fun, because liqueurs usually aren’t the stars of the show! Most cocktails have a base spirit and then a liqueur as the sidekick. For these cocktails we have the liqueurs being the star, and they do it very well!

Make sure to check out the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew and the Cherry Blossom! Along with our homemade banana liqueur!

Cognac Old Fashioned Recipe

This Cognac Old Fashioned is a great twist on the classic cocktail. Discover the complexity that cognac gives, plus lovely warmth.     We decided to incorporate cognac, a high quality brandy produced from distilled white wine into this twist on the classic Old Fashioned (which is usually made with whiskey).   This post contains …

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Grapefruit Bourbon Sour with Coopers’ Craft

This grapefruit bourbon cocktail is a rich and tasty cocktail made with Coopers’ Craft Barrel Reserve. A great spring cocktail with tropical flavors.     That is what inspired this cocktail using Coopers’ Craft Barrel Reserve, Brown-Forman’s newest bourbon in 20 years — which is available in Nebraska! Make sure to read our Walnut Pear …

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How to Make a Blue Lagoon Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail has a visually fun blue lagoon color, as well as being refreshing! Make this tropical Blue Lagoon cocktail recipe soon!     So the name of the Blue Lagoon makes it pretty self explanatory! It’s refreshing and blue. The cocktail turns 3 simple ingredients: vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade into a cocktail that …

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Brandied Chocolate Manhattan – A Whiskey Cocktail

A chocolate version of a classic Manhattan recipe with our brandied cherries.     We always are fans of the classic cocktails, and the classic Manhattan was invented in the 1870s at the Manhattan Club in New York. This chocolate Manhattan is typical of the cocktails from this period that were plenty boozy and not …

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Chocolate Covered Cherry Valentine Cocktail

A chocolate covered cherry cocktail that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, this can be a great dessert cocktail or a pre-dinner drink. A great Valentine cocktail for sharing with your sweetheart!     Cherry liqueur and Mozart chocolate cream liqueur combine with vodka for a flavor explosion in this cocktail! We think this chocolate covered …

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