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Rosemary Grapefruit Moscow Mule - A Vodka Cocktail

Photo: Rosemary Grapefruit Mule

Vodka Cocktails

These vodka cocktails are a wide variety of flavors for sure. Vodka as a base spirit is easy to add flavor to cocktails with different ingredients and other liquors.

From classics such as a Bloody Mary, Moscow Mules, and Vodka Tonics are the perfect vodka cocktails to be had.

Carrot Cake White Russian Cocktail

Perfect for spring, but tasty all year, this Carrot Cake cocktail is great for Easter brunch or breakfast. This Carrot Cake White Russian is a spring must make drink featuring carrot infused cream and allspice for the flavors of the great dessert.   A classic White Russian cocktail combines vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream for …

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6 Easy Vodka Cocktails for St Patrick’s Day

It’s not easy being green, but we have some great green and not green cocktails for celebrating St Patrick’s Day! If you are not an Irish whiskey lover, or don’t want green beer, these St Patrick’s Day vodka drinks are perfect for you to sip!   Celebrate all things Irish with these easy St Patrick’s …

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Homemade Strawberry Vodka Recipe – DIY Infusion

Fresh picked summer strawberries are used to make this strawberry infused vodka. The flavor lasts up to 6 months in this fun pick liquor.   If you have ever wondered how to make strawberry infused vodka, it could not be simpler. It involves just a couple of ingredients and very little effort for a delicious …

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Rhubarb Collins Cocktail

This Rhubarb Collins cocktail is a lovely pink drink with the flavors of spring. Rhubarb vodka and rhubarb simple syrup combine for this fresh sip!   Rhubarb Collins gives the Collins cocktail a twist with homemade infused rhubarb vodka and homemade rhubarb simple syrup! You cannot miss the rhubarb in this Rhubarb Collins!   This …

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