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A hand cut crystal rocks glass filled with a Pine Old Fashioned with a clear sphere of ice and a pine branch garnish on a bar top.

Photo: Pine Old Fashioned

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday cocktails are always a fun way to celebrate a seasonal event. We love having the flavors of Christmas or Halloween prominent in our drinks at a holiday party!

Cranberry for Christmas, Pumpkin or Apple for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and Carrot or flowery flavors for Easter, these all bring the party to life.

You can find themed cocktails such as the Pumpkin Harvest or the Vampire’s Negroni for fall. We have the Christmas Old Fashioned for you guessed it, Christmas! And last but not least the Carrot Ginger Mimosa for Easter!

27 Easy Irish Cream Cocktail Recipes to Make at Home

Irish cream is a great ingredient to help celebrate St Patrick’s Day! These Irish cream cocktail recipes below include using Baileys Irish Cream, as well as other brands of Irish Cream that you may have!   Below are all the best Baileys drinks and Irish cream recipes perfect for all year long! You can make …

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6 Easy Vodka Cocktails for St Patrick’s Day

It’s not easy being green, but we have some great green and not green cocktails for celebrating St Patrick’s Day! If you are not an Irish whiskey lover, or don’t want green beer, these St Patrick’s Day vodka drinks are perfect for you to sip!   Celebrate all things Irish with these easy St Patrick’s …

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Thanksgiving Champagne Cocktail

An easy to make cocktail, that is easier to make into a large punch for a crowd, too! This Thanksgiving Champagne Cocktail is full of fall and winter flavors.   Well, we couldn’t let you have Thanksgiving without a Thanksgiving cocktail, could we? This Thanksgiving Champagne Cocktail the perfect drink to sip for pre-dinner, during …

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Halloween Pumpkin Cocktail

This Halloween Pumpkin Cocktail is a fun orange color, and perfect for serving at a Halloween party or fall festival! A pumpkin soda made with Mozart Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur for a decadent and fun sip!   Make sure to entice your Halloween party guests with this spooktacular Halloween Pumpkin Cocktail, which is as …

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Bloody Bramble Cocktail – Mary Sanderson

This Mary Sanderson Cocktail is a great drink for Halloween. What we call a Bloody Bramble, we made a fresh berry syrup for this great Hocus Pocus cocktail for spooky season!   Looking for the perfect drink for a Hocus Pocus Halloween viewing party? Look no further than this fun and easy to make Hocus …

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Halloween Aviation Cocktail – Sarah Sanderson

This Halloween Aviation cocktail is made a beautiful purple color with a butterfly pea flower gin, Empress 1908. We combined it with creme de violette and maraschino liqueur with lemon like an aviation, but the purple of the Empress gin made it so brilliant. Perfect as a Sanderson Sisters Potion!   When we think of …

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Garden of Magic – Winifred Sanderson

This green Winifred Sanderson cocktail is tropical with herbal notes. It also has a great combo of liquors, for a Halloween cocktail that is a Hocus Pocus drink.   This Hocus Pocus drink is made with tequila blanco and pineapple infused whiskey and is the perfect wicked adult beverage for a Halloween party. This Halloween …

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Irish Whiskey Cocktail – St Patrick’s Day Cocktail

A perfect cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day, this Irish whiskey cocktail is sure to please everyone not drinking green beer!   This Irish whiskey cocktail is the perfect fit for a St Patrick’s Day party! Rather than drinking green beer, let’s celebrate with some Irish whiskey!   This post contains affiliate links for products that …

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