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Holiday Cocktails

A hand cut crystal rocks glass filled with a Pine Old Fashioned with a clear sphere of ice and a pine branch garnish on a bar top.

Photo: Pine Old Fashioned

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday cocktails are always a fun way to celebrate a seasonal event. We love having the flavors of Christmas or Halloween prominent in our drinks at a holiday party!

Cranberry for Christmas, Pumpkin or Apple for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and Carrot or flowery flavors for Easter, these all bring the party to life.

You can find themed cocktails such as the Pumpkin Harvest or the Vampire’s Negroni for fall. We have the Christmas Old Fashioned for you guessed it, Christmas! And last but not least the Carrot Ginger Mimosa for Easter!

Gingerbread cocktail recipe in coupe with whipped cream

Gingerbread Eggnog Cocktail

This gingerbread cocktail is a great mix of flavors, perfect for the holiday season! A combo of bourbon, vodka and Kahlua combine for this tasty treat!     Just drink it all day, it’s the holidays! At least, that’s what I have been telling myself  these last few days! And I know eggnog is polarizing …

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Pink cocktail in glass with straw and candy canes

Holiday Peppermint Punch

This ice cream punch is full of holiday flavor between the use of peppermint and eggnog, topped with ginger beer. And vodka. I forgot to mention the vodka!     The combination of Eggnog and Peppermint Ice Cream in this cocktail makes the drink extra creamy. If you love peppermint, like we do, you are …

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Cocktail in ornament glass as a Christmas drink

Mrs. Claus Cocktail

This is a perfect Christmas drink, a boozy and sweet drink with gorgeous egg foam!     Happy Holidays everyone! A Christmas drink so full of flavor and booze, which is why you are here, right?! We wanted to make a “Santa” cocktail of some sort, and this one we have dubbed the Mrs Claus. …

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