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27 Easy Irish Cream Cocktail Recipes to Make at Home

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Last Updated on June 13, 2023 by Leah Hall

Irish cream is a great ingredient to help celebrate St Patrick’s Day! These Irish cream cocktail recipes below include using Baileys Irish Cream, as well as other brands of Irish Cream that you may have!


Below are all the best Baileys drinks and Irish cream recipes perfect for all year long! You can make them with any Irish cream you have on hand, not just Bailey’s!


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Baileys Irish Cream is the top selling liqueur worldwide! This rich and creamy liqueur, with vanilla and chocolate flavors, all with Irish whiskey makes for some great cocktail recipes!


What is Irish Cream?

Irish Cream is a creamy liqueur made with the base of Irish whiskey, heavy cream and other flavors like vanilla and chocolate with a nutty finish. Irish Cream is usually served on by itself or mixed in cocktails. It’s like dessert and a drink all at once.


One of the most popular ways to enjoy Irish Cream is by adding it to coffee or hot chocolate. And while these are considered a cocktail, we wanted to make a list of Irish Cream cocktail recipes that can be enjoyed all year round!

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

Irish Cream Cocktails

Irish Cream is a great liqueur for decadent and creamy drinks, but without the hard bite of whiskey that a lot of people don’t care for. We obviously love whiskey, but those that want to explore whiskey, but in sweet cocktails, we have you covered!

If you want any Irish Whiskey cocktails, we suggest our Irish Sour, Toasted Cream Irish Coffee, or the Slainte!


Irish cream can be a star ingredient in espresso martinis, St Patrick’s Day drinks, and creamy drinks for any occasion. Could be a sugar cookie martini for Christmas, or a White Russian made more decadent with Baileys Irish Cream.


So don’t just keep Irish Cream for the holidays, feel free to shake up some delicious cocktails year round!


Read below for some great Irish Cream drinks and more ideas!




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Irish Cream Cocktail Recipes

Want a creamy cocktail? We have you covered with this list of Baileys cocktails and super tasty Irish Cream drinks made for all year round sipping!

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