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The Woodsman - An Apple Brandy and Ginger Cocktail

Photo: The Woodsman

Brandy Cocktails

Brandy and Cognac cocktails make us think so much of classic craft cocktails. They can be very boozy, very traditional, but also very nontraditional.

Brandy and Cognac are fun liquors to use in many drinks, and can vary in flavor and taste. The base for these liquors are distilled wine, and as such are usually made in regions near where wine is made, such as France or Northern California.

We love the Woodsman, a combo of applejack and maple, perfect for fall. Or, our homemade brandied cherries, which go in so many of our craft cocktails!

Brown cocktail in coupe with lemon peel

Chicago Cocktail Recipe

This Chicago cocktail is named for the city of Chicago, and has been in cocktail manuals since the 19th Century. A brandy based mixed drink.         The Chicago cocktail is a Champagne drink that is great all year long. While it shares some similarities with the Champagne cocktail, it has a much …

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Brandied Cherries in a jar

Brandied Cherries

We adore these Brandied Cherries, and love to put them in cocktails, desserts, and really any other recipe we can! Hope you try them!       This post contains affiliate links for products that we think you as readers might find useful, and we make commission off of these! For more details about our …

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