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Mint Simple Syrup

Photo: Mint Simple Syrup

Simple Syrups

Simple Syrups are vital for adding in flavor to a cocktail. You can use infusions, sure, which we do, and use regular unflavored simple syrup, but we find flavored ones to be a fun way to add some interesting flavors into drinks!

We have herbal, fruity and even flowery ones available for you! Herbal such as rosemary or basil, fruity such as cranberry, and floral, which is Hibiscus, all are great flavor adds to your drinks.

Hope you try them out!

An easy, homemade blackberry syrup recipe. This quick syrup lets you add flavoring to cocktails, lemonades or iced tea. Make it in under 20 minutes, using fresh blackberries, sugar and water!   Simple syrup recipes, like this blackberry syrup recipe as well as strawberry simple syrup or lemon simple syrup, are great for mixing into …

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Easy to make 3 ingredient homemade cinnamon simple syrup. It adds sweetness and cinnamon flavor to drinks and cocktails with this flavored simple syrup! We will show you how to make Cinnamon Syrup for cocktails!   Homemade simple syrup is an inexpensive way to add different flavors for drinks in your home bar. Simple syrup …

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Simple Syrup is the perfect recipe to make homemade. This simple syrup recipe is great for cocktails, coffee and other beverages is easy to make and can even be easily flavored.   This staple cocktail sweetener is simply of equal parts granulated sugar and water. From there, the variations are endless, as well as the …

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