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Mint Simple Syrup

Photo: Mint Simple Syrup

Simple Syrups

Simple Syrups are vital for adding in flavor to a cocktail. You can use infusions, sure, which we do, and use regular unflavored simple syrup, but we find flavored ones to be a fun way to add some interesting flavors into drinks!

We have herbal, fruity and even flowery ones available for you! Herbal such as rosemary or basil, fruity such as cranberry, and floral, which is Hibiscus, all are great flavor adds to your drinks.

Hope you try them out!

Bring the flavor of fresh watermelon to summer cocktails and more with this fresh fruit syrup, a Watermelon Syrup!   This Watermelon Simple Syrup recipe is perfect for watermelon cocktails as well as lemonade or iced tea. Easy to make with fresh juice and a cup of sugar, this will become a summertime picnic favorite, …

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This Hazelnut Orgeat recipe is full of hazelnut flavor, and makes for  a great substitute for the classic almond orgeat recipe. Perfect for fall and winter cocktails, along with classic tropical cocktails to have a flavor twist.   Having made our own homemade almond orgeat, we wanted to see if we could make some other …

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This Cranberry Simple Syrup is a great tart and sweet syrup, perfect for the holiday season or all year long. A great addition to seasonal cocktails and mocktails!   Flavored simple syrup can give unique ways to elevate your favorite cocktails and making simple syrup at home couldn’t be easier. We love to make flavored …

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An easy, homemade blackberry syrup recipe. This quick syrup lets you add flavoring to cocktails, lemonades or iced tea. Make it in under 20 minutes, using fresh blackberries, sugar and water!   Simple syrup recipes, like this blackberry syrup recipe as well as strawberry simple syrup or lemon simple syrup, are great for mixing into …

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