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Blizzard Cocktail – Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Drink

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Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Leah Hall

 This fancy Irish cream coffee takes a regular Irish coffee to the next level with a dash of Baileys, fluffy whipped cream and hazelnut coffee. Perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day, too! And, great for enjoying for the holiday, an after dinner drink, or breakfast you need to be sipping this Irish cream coffee!


Cold evenings are the perfect reason to enjoy a a warm cocktail.  This Blizzard Cocktail is based on the classic Irish Coffee, but adding some hazelnut and Baileys Irish cream to add a bit of flavor to make a nice nightcap or a great way to start the day! Irish cream is also great in dessert recipes like Irish Coffee pie, Irish Cream cupcakes, poured over ice cream or in the fudge in our Air Fryer dessert.

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

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Between the strong brewed coffee and the strong Irish whiskey, this drink is sure to pack a punch in all the best ways. Perfect for coffee lovers as an after dinner coffee drink, during the holiday season or for a chilly evening. Perfect hot drink for Christmas morning, or depending on the time of day, enjoyed in front of the fire! Try our Irish Whiskey Cocktail, Slainte or Irish Sour.

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

Our basis for this cocktail started out from classic Irish Coffees. An Irish coffee can be a surprising cocktail, because it looks super sweet, and this one isn’t. It does packs a punch from the Irish whiskey and has great flavor with the bitter coffee! A classic Irish Coffee recipe has brown sugar, coffee and Irish whiskey. Try our Toasted Cream Irish Coffee, too!

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

It has a little sweetness, but not too much, but you can add a little brown sugar if you would like to – or more whipped cream. We aren’t judging! We love hot drinks like our Cognac Hot Toddy or Bourbon Apple Cider!

How to Make the Irish Cream Coffee Recipe

In the case of this Irish Coffee twist we used Irish Whiskey (duh!), Baileys Irish Cream for richness, hazelnut coffee and half and half. The ingredients combined make for a lighter version, and make it perfect for winter! So, it’s definitely a take on an Irish Coffee that is perfect for all winter long!


You can sub milk if you don’t want to use half and half, but I would avoid heavy cream as it would be too rich for the drink. A great hot drink for the season!


Simply combine all the ingredients in a glass mug, or just a plain coffee mug and stir. Top with whipped cream and cinnamon! Try another coffee and Irish cream cocktail with this delicious Irish Cream Cold Brew from a Nerd Cooks!

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

Then, you can garnish the coffee however you see fit. We added a dusting of cinnamon on top! But feel free to add chocolate curls or a dusting of cocoa!

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

This recipe calls for Irish whiskey, which means exactly what it is, a whiskey made in Ireland. While you can use any type of whiskey that you like, for it to be true Irish coffee you’ll want to use an Irish whiskey. And in this case, Irish Cream!

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

Tips & Tricks

  • Glassware – No worries if you don’t have a glass mug, your favorite footed mug, coffee mug or stemmed glass will do fine! Make sure to fill your mugs with hot water while you are prepping the ingredients for this cocktail. That way you have a warm mug already, and it won’t cool off too quickly!
  • Whipped Cream – You can use store bought cream (Reddi Whip or even Cool Whip) or you can make your own homemade cream. We will say the homemade is best, but you do you, and make it easy! Use a milk frother to whip it up easy and quickly!
  • Coffee – Use strong coffee! Make sure it’s a favorite blend you like. We used hazelnut in this recipe, so we encourage that for the flavor, but really any kind of coffee will do. And brew it as strong black coffee and use a dark roast!
  • Garnish – Like we stated above, garnish this with what you like. We used a dash of cinnamon, but cocoa powder, chocolate curls and more will work well to make this pretty!
  • Sweetener – we don’t think you need to make this delicious cup of hot coffee sweeter because of the splash of Baileys, but you can add simple syrups like cinnamon, or maple syrup.
  • Irish Cream Liqueur – obviously the most known and popular Irish Cream is Baileys Original Irish Cream, but any brand will do, use your favorite one! Any of them will work in these St. Patrick’s Day coffee drinks.

Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick

Want some snacks to go along with these for St Patrick’s Day? Try our Irish Hand Pies, St Patrick’s Day Vodka Drinks or Irish Cream Cocktail Recipes, too!




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Coffee cocktail in glass mug with whipped cream and cinnamon stick
Yield: 1

The Blizzard Cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A Winter cocktail to stay warm with, this Blizzard is made with Irish Whiskey and Bailey's. A Bailey's Irish Coffee perfect for St. Patrick's Day!


  • 1.50 ounces Irish whiskey
  • 2 ounce half and half
  • .50 ounce Irish cream liqueur, such as Baileys
  • Hot hazelnut roast coffee
  • Whipped cream
  • Cinnamon for garnish


Pour the whiskey, half and half and Bailey's Irish cream into a mug. 

Stir. Add hot coffee. 

Top with whipped cream and sprinkle cinnamon on top to garnish.


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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 273Total Fat: 10.2gSaturated Fat: 6.3gCholesterol: 21mgSodium: 23mgCarbohydrates: 9.6gSugar: 5.8gProtein: 2.5g

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