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Peach Simple Syrup

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Last Updated on January 26, 2024 by Leah Hall

This simple four ingredient Peach Simple Syrup is so great in cocktails, teas and lemonades. Late summer tastiness in a peach syrup recipe!


Peach Simple Syrup is everything that summer tastes like! It can be added to cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, Italian sodas, and even put on vanilla ice cream! Easy to make.


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Peach colored syrup in jar on wood table, peach next to jar

If you have summer peaches that you don’t know what to do with, or if you don’t have fresh, frozen works in a pinch!


It is closing in on the end of summer. We have already started into the fall recipes here on the blog. But, we still have this tiny bit of summer left. It’s not Labor Day, right?! Fresh peaches give off a taste of summer, and fresh Peach Simple Syrup will most certainly make for the perfect summer cocktail before putting out the pumpkins.


Simple Syrup Sweetener

Any sugar can be used for this recipe. Regular white sugar, cane sugar, coconut sugar all work great!


If you use brown sugar you get a bit of fall baking flavors.

Peach colored syrup in jar on wood table, peach next to jar

You can make it sugar free, this syrup can be made without sugar. If you want it sweet but without refined sugar, try adding your favorite artificial sweetener, honey, or agave nectar.


How Do You Store Simple Syrup?

You can use a glass jar or plastic container, and stored in the fridge is best! Will keep really well for up to 2 weeks.

Peach Simple Syrup

This Peach Simple Syrup is an easy 4 ingredient homemade syrup that’s used to sweeten cocktails, lemonades, and teas!


Add a bit of this into beverages like our Peach Basil Smash or Peach Bourbon Smash for some great peach flavor! This peach syrup recipe is easy to make and add to punches, cocktails and even in sparkling water. Make sure to check out our other flavored simple syrups listed below. They are a great way to add seasonal flavors to cocktails and drinks, plus preserving seasonal fruits and herbs to use longer!

Peach colored syrup in jar on wood table, peach next to jar

What Is Simple Syrup?

Simple syrups are an easy way to blend a sweetener into cold drinks instead of using granulated sugar in any form. A liquefied form of sugar can be made plain or simmered with fruits (like here) to give the syrup a desired flavor!


Making syrup homemade means that you can control the sweetener you use, plus the ease of adding flavors! Harder to do with store bought.


More Simple Syrup Recipes

  • Lemon Sugar Syrup– An easy way to add tart, citrus flavor into cocktails, teas and sparkling water!
  • Cranberry Syrup – Brings a sweet yet tart flavor to any beverage of your choice!
  • Stevia Syrup– Sugar and calorie free syrup for a great sugar free alternative to drinks and cocktails!
  • Lilac Simple Syrup – floral and light, this foraged lilac flower syrup is perfect in spring and summer cocktails!
  • Rhubarb Syrup – Made with fresh spring rhubarb, sugar, and water for a quick way to add fruity and vegetable flavor to some great cocktails!
  • Raspberry Syrup – A sweet and tasty syrup for your favorite beverages!
  • Cinnamon Simple Syrup – a great flavor to add to tropical drinks, as well as fall and winter cocktails.
  • Pear Syrup – a perfect winter flavor syrup!
  • Blackberry Simple Syrup – fresh berry and tart syrup, perfect for summer and fall!

Peach colored syrup in jar on wood table, peach next to jar

Peach Syrup Recipe

This one is simple, and just 4 ingredients, so easy to make and easy to use in drinks!


Peach is a flavor that accents cocktails from a strong, smooth bourbon to give it a delicious caramel like flavor. Also compliments gin or vodka. You can’t lose when it comes to using peach simple syrup in any summer or fall cocktail!




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Peach Cocktails

Peach colored syrup in jar on wood table, peach next to jar
Yield: 1 cup

Peach Simple Syrup

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

This Peach simple syrup is easy to make, and easy to use. A great late summer flavor, this fresh peach syrup is great in all drinks!


  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • dash of salt
  • 1 peach, cut and cubed


  1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil, and take off of heat.
  3. Muddle peach pieces, and then let sit to cool and infuse for 15 minutes.
  4. Strain out syrup, and store in a jar in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

1 Tablespoon

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 54Total Fat: .1gSodium: 20mgCarbohydrates: 14.3gFiber: .3gSugar: 14.3gProtein: .2g

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