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Aquavit Peach Sour Cocktail

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Last Updated on June 12, 2023 by Leah Hall

This aquavit peach sour is a great fall cocktail with fresh peach syrup. This syrup pairs so well with the caraway and dill in the aquavit!


Aquavit is a versatile spirit that can be used for many types of cocktails. This peach sour cocktail is full of flavor from the aquavit, and we added some orgeat and peach syrups for sweetness.


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Peach Aquavit Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table

What is aquavit or akvavit?

Aquavit is a clear distilled spirit made mostly in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway.


Aquavit is distilled from grain or potatoes and botanicals are used to flavor it. These unique botanicals are what gives aquavit its flavor, which is usually caraway or dill seed. Other common botanicals the are present include coriander, fennel, star anise and citrus.

Peach Aquavit Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table

Aquavit is herbaceous and savory, so it is great to use in cocktails like martinis, sours or a Bloody Mary. Also goes well with citrus like orange juice, grapefruit (in a Salty Dog) or lime juice like in this cocktail! Also goes great with cucumber!


A lot of times it is paired with meat and cheese platters, smoked salmon and then hygge!

Peach Aquavit Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table

Aquavit Peach Sour Cocktail

This cocktail tastes like the essence of summer to me. The dash of orgeat gives the nuttiness, the lime juice is the sour, and then the fresh peach simple syrup gives it that summer feel with the herbaceousness of the aquavit!

What Bottles of Aquavit or Akvavit Do We Recommend?

Start with whatever looks good to you! The ones we have tried are:

  • Linie Aquavit, made from potatoes, a sherry cask aged from Norway, smooth and well balanced
  • Vikre Aquavit, Øvrevann, infused with caraway and cardamom, a great earthy sip (from Minnesota)
  • Krogstad Aquavit – distilled from gluten free American grain, flavored with caraway and star anise, fennel, black pepper and cinnamon (from Oregon)

Peach Aquavit Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table


Aquavit, also spelled akvavit or akevitt, the name comes from Latin aqua vitae (water of life). It is the national drink of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, it kept farmers and lumbermen warm as they worked, and became popular and a cultural centerpoint.


Aquavit MUST be infused with caraway and/or dill, but it can also feature other ingredients such as fennel, anise, star anise, grains of paradise, citrus, pepper, ginger, cardamom and juniper. Aquavit is usually unaged, but there are aquavits that are aged in used sherry casks from a year to nearly 20 years. This gives aged aquavit a sweetness with some nutty and raisin notes.

Peach Aquavit Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table

A style of Norwegian aquavit, Linie Aquavit is aged on ships that travel to Australia and back. This technique uses the rocking of the ships, along with the changes in temperature and humidity on the voyage, makes unique aging effects. By United States regulations you can’t call aquavit aged, and they sure aren’t going to send it on a ship around the world.


Aquavit is part of special meals on holidays such as Easter or Christmas. There are aquavit spiked gløggs and goes well with meats and cheeses for Christmas dinner!


Aquavit can usually be used in the same way as gin, aquavit and tonic with grapefruit or cucumber. Just remember that aquavit will appear stronger in an aquavit and tonic, more so than gin in a gin and tonic. In Denmark aquavit is often used as the base spirit in cocktails, but here it’s often used along with gin or another base spirit. It can be used to rinse a glass, or a small barspoon in a cocktail for the spice of aquavit.

Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table

Cocktails that Aquavit Can Be Substituted In

  • Martini
  • Sour
  • Old Fashioned
  • Fizz
  • Manhattan




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Peach Aquavit Yellow cocktail in coupe, orange peel on wood table
Yield: 1

Aquavit Peach Sour Cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This aquavit and peach cocktail is so delicious and light. A great and flavorful pairing!



  1. Combine aquavit, simple syrup and lime juice in shaker with ice.
  2. Shake and strain into glass, garnish with lemon peel.
  3. Cheers!

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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 177Carbohydrates: 7.7gFiber: .1gSugar: .4gProtein: .1g

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