Spooky Cocktails To Get Your Halloween Started

The Vampire Cynar Negroni combines Reposado Dry Gin, Cynar, and strawberry infused Campari to make this cocktail, perfect for a Halloween party, especially when served with a dry ice chip to make a rolling fog from the cocktail!

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Spooky Cocktails for Halloween parties? Yes, please!




I don’t know about you, but I love to have great spooky cocktails to fit the theme of Halloween! We asked some of our blogger friends to share some of their spookiest cocktails with us! Here are 20 of our favorites for you! Be sure to check them all out!



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Perfect for your Halloween Party with friends, or as we like to do, while we Trick or Treat! There are so many choices on this list, from super easy to super intricate, we hope that you will try one at your upcoming Halloween party and impress your friends with your spook factor!




Cheers and may your Halloween by full of spooky cocktails! If you are looking for food and fabulous treats for your party, might we suggest this fabulous bunch from Grits and Pinecones!





Hopefully you find some Spooky Cocktails to try for your own Halloween Party!






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Spooky Cocktails

Spooky Cocktails perfect for your Halloween party or for Trick or Treating!

This spooky poison apple cocktail is full of sour apple pucker, cranberry juice and Crown Royal! A perfect Halloween cocktail!

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Halloween Punch served inside Blood Bags. Perfectly red and kinda gross makes this spooky cocktail!

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A black punch. I don't know if it gets much creepier than that! Activated charcoal makes for a spooky cocktail!

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Shimmery alcohol and dry ice make for a great combo in this purple spooky drink!

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Blue curacao and orange juice combine for this green punch with dry ice and skeleton glass to make this creepy cocktail for Hallowen!

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This color changing cocktail with an eyeball is the perfect creepy drink for a Halloween Party!

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A fantastic cocktail option for fall and Halloween alike!

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A spooky Halloween cocktail, perfect for effect and a party, we give you the Professor's Poisoned Apple!

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I don't know about you, but anything called toxic and spawn together sounds pretty spooky to me!

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This raspberry thyme daiquiri is not only gorgeous, it's on fire! Spooky Cocktail for the win!

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Perfectly easy Halloween drink, this spooky cocktail with dry ice ups the creepy factor!

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A cider based drink that is perfect for fall or Halloween, this one has eyeballs to make it spooky!

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I am digging this green color so much in this Swamp Gasses cocktail. Spooky AF, right?

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It's a zombie cocktail. What more does it need to be a spooky cocktail?!

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Lime green and some eyeballs combine for this creepy Halloween Cocktail!

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This cynar Negroni is very elegant. And then we added dry ice. Boom!

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All different Halloween cocktails in a collage



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