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Negroni Week – Strawberry Negroni

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Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Leah Hall

This Strawberry Negroni is a great cocktail for Negroni Week. We included strawberry infused gin for a summer twist.


This recipe is a great spin off of the classic Negroni cocktail! We are using strawberry infused Campari, strawberry infused gin and sweet vermouth to add a summery berry flavor to the Negroni!


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Every year, bartenders around the world all turn their attention to one classic cocktail, the Negroni! This is to celebrate Negroni Week!  Started by Imbibe Magazine in 2013, Negroni Week has spread all over the globe as a way to celebrate the Negroni and give back to charities all while enjoying drinking for a cause!

strawberry cocktail being poured into glass

Negroni Week

We have celebrated Negroni week for the last few years by not only spreading the word about Negroni Week, but also making our own special versions of the Negroni! This year we decided to make a new spin on the classic Negroni by infusing the components with fresh summer strawberries to make a Strawberry Negroni!

red cocktail being poured into glass from a mixing glass

Classic Negroni

The basic Negroni is a simple recipe made with just three spirits, gin, vermouth and Campari. These are all mixed together in even parts. The Negroni is a cocktail with a long history dating back to the early 1900’s. It’s first mentioned in Florence, Italy. A gentlemen by the name of Count Camillo Negroni asked a bartender to liven up his favorite cocktail. It was the Americano, and he asked him to add gin instead of soda. The resulting cocktail became known as the Negroni.

red cocktail in glass, strawberry being placed by a hand

Now that we know the history, how do we make the Negroni?  The basic recipe to make a Negroni is to add one part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part Campari. With all the ingredients containing spirits, this can be one strong cocktail! But, with all the parts in balance, it can also be a delightful combination of sweet and bitter, with a crisp hint of botanicals from the gin and Campari.

red cocktail in glass

Campari Recipes

The simple ratio also lends itself to being a great base to riff off of. Some of these riffs are classics like the Boulevardier or the Old Pal, or even one of our favorites, the Vampire Negroni! Simple tweaks of the ingredients or the ratio can make all new drinks, all based off of this classic drink!

red cocktail with strawberry, mixing glass, jigger and flowers in background


Strawberry Infused Campari

For our Negroni Week cocktail, we decided that we would embrace the sweetheart of spring, the strawberry. We wanted to keep the super clean look that using all spirits gives a negroni cocktail. So, rather than doing the typical adding fruit to the shaker and muddling, we decided to infuse some gin. We sliced some strawberries, put them in a jar, poured gin over and let it soak for a few days. Then, we did the same with the Campari.


Red cocktail in a glass with a strawberry

What Ingredients are Needed for the Strawberry Negroni?


After a couple of days of soaking (hint, you will know its ready when the strawberries start to turn white as the gin leaches out all the color). So then we strained out the strawberries, leaving us with a beautiful red hued gin full of strawberry flavor.  When used, the strawberry infused gin adds a fruity edge to the Negroni, which is a nice addition to the standard!


The, we did the same with Campari, and we just let it infuse for the same amount of time as the gin.

red cocktail in glass with strawberry, mixing glass and jigger in background

Campari Negroni

If you are looking for a fresh new take on the classic Negroni, give the Strawberry Negroni a try! It’s a bright spring or summer Negroni, perfect for Negroni Week!

red drink in a glass with a strawberry



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Pink cocktail in square glass with strawberry on rim. Mixing glass and greenery in background
Yield: 2

Strawberry Negroni - Campari Recipes with Strawberry Infused Gin

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Infusion Time: 2 days
Total Time: 2 days 3 minutes

A Strawberry infused take on the classic Negroni cocktail. This Campari Negroni is a tasty one for Negroni week.



Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice.

Stir to cool, strain into glass.

Garnish with a strawberry.



To infuse the gin and Campari add 2 cut up strawberries to 1/4 cup of gin and 1/4 cup of Campari in 2 different jars for easy infusion. Let sit for at least 48 hours, 72 is better. Then strain out strawberry pieces.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 185Sodium: 1mgCarbohydrates: 8.9g

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