Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rosé Wine Float

Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float

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 A refreshing sorbet and rosé wine float dessert and cocktail all in one!




This summer we have totally been into all sorts of frozen drinks and desserts. They are somewhat of a departure from our typical drinks, but with the hot weather, serving anything frozen and frosty is going to be delicious! Our Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rosé Wine Float checks both the dessert and the drink box off the list, which is why this delicious fruity, frozen and fizzy float is tops on our summer sippers list!




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Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float in wine glasses with mint and straws. Jigger and gray container in background with flowers.




Rosé Float

Over the last few summers we have been experimenting with all kinds of frozen treats, from delicious boozy popsicles to creamy no churn ice cream made with beer. it was only natural that this summer we had to find some new frozen treats. We have been having some incredible luck with fresh berries this summer, and when had a great batch of blueberries that were just begging to be made into something delicious, we decided to make a fresh blueberry mint sorbet.





Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float top shot with rose being poured in, with straws and mint





What is a sorbet? When most people think of a sorbet, they start thinking about sorbet’s close cousin sherbet, but there is a big difference. Sherbet is made with a combination of fruit juice and cream, and sorbet is made by using fruit or fruit juice and sugar syrup which results in a denser more flavorful dessert. In our case, we used some of the those fresh blueberries and some of our spring mint to make our sorbet.





Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float top shot with mint and straws




How to Make the Sorbet

We started out by freezing the blueberries until they were solid. While we were waiting for the berries to freeze, we made a little fresh mint simple syrup. The mint simple syrup brings a combination of sweetness and refreshing cool herbaceous edge to the table. Blueberry works really well with herbal flavors so this is a fantastic flavor combination.







Once the berries were frozen, we blended them in a food processor with a little fresh squeezed lemon juice and a whole bunch of the mint simple syrup. Once fully blended, we placed the sorbet back into the freezer to “ripen” until it firmed up. This step isn’t entirely necessary, if you just can’t wait, this sorbet is great right out of the blender!





Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float in wine glass with straws and mint



What Ingredients are Needed for the Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rose Float?

  • Blueberry Mint Sorbet
    • Blueberries
    • Mint Syrup
    • Lemon Juice
  • Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rose Float
    • Mint
    • Rose Wine
    • Blueberry Mint Sorbet



While the sorbet is fantastic on its own as a dessert, we are cocktail bloggers after all, so we couldn’t just stop there. We had previously been experimenting with some different types of rosé (sweet, dry, and sparkling) for another recipe (our delicious Watermelon Raspberry Frosé) so we had a bottle of sparkling rosé in house that was just calling our name to use.




The bottle of sparkling Rosé was a nice semi sweet sparkling wine. It was one that would work really well with with a nice fruity flavor.





Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float in wine glasses with mint and straws




How to Make this Extra?

We are big fans of drinks like mimosas and bellinis, so we figured why not combine our bottle of Rosé and our Blueberry Mint Sorbet to create a nice frozen fruity and fizzy cocktail? The blueberry mint sorbet would bring a nice chilled fruity sweetness that would also act as the base to release the bubbles from the sparkling Rosé.





When you add the sparkling Rosé to a glass containing a scoop or two of the Blueberry Mint Sorbet, you get a nice foamy and fizzy Sorbet and Rosé wine float!





Simple, sweet and fruity, the Blueberry Mint Sparkling Rosé Wine Float is sure to become one of your favorite summertime sippers!







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Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rose Float
Yield: 1

Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rose Float

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Freeze Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Dessert and cocktail all in one, homemade blueberry mint sorbet topped with a sparkling rose wine.


Blueberry Mint Sorbet

For the Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rose Float

  • 5-6 oz sparkling rose wine
  • mint to garnish
  • 2 oz blueberry mint sorbet


For the Blueberry Mint Sorbet Sparkling Rose Float

Add scoops of sorbet into a large wine glass.

Top with sparkling rose.

Garnish with mint.

For the Blueberry Mint Sorbet

Spread blueberries on a cookie sheet.

Place the cookie sheet into the freezer and freeze blueberries until solid.

Place frozen blueberries into food processor.

Add simple syrup and lemon juice.

Blend until smooth.

Place into a sealable container and allow to re-freeze to solidify.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 194 Total Fat: 0g Saturated Fat: 0g Trans Fat: 0g Unsaturated Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 20mg Carbohydrates: 23.1g Fiber: 0g Sugar: 20.5g Protein: 0.1g




Blueberry Mint Sorbet Rose Float - Dessert and Cocktail in one




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  1. Are you using regular mint? or a more specialized mint? Looks so bubbly! What about trying a drink with the delicious bing cherries that are hitting the market?

  2. Leah that recipe sounds incredible!! Have you ever heard of “Hugo”? It’s a drink that is really popular here in Austria and Germany right now 🙂 It is quite similar but with elderflower syrup! Thanks for sharing this, I will make this on the weekend!
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  3. Love these flavors! The pictures are gorgeous, too. Would love to try these sometime. 🙂

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