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Creamy layered cocktail in tall glass

Winter Whiskey Sour

These pistachio cocktails are sure to please for the holidays, or all winter long!     We do believe that cocktails should have a fair amount of booze, maybe some sugar, and we love the idea of using super foods in them too! Super foods such as pistachios, can make your cocktails “better” for you, …

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Punch being ladled out of bowl

Thanksgiving Punch

A great Thanksgiving Pumpkin Punch Recipe that will please a crowd!     We don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving is one our favorite holidays of year! I am always just excited to eat a delicious meal, have all of my favorite flavors together and hang with family! This Thanksgiving Punch is invited to the …

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Red cocktail with mint and straw

Blackberry Whiskey Fizz

A refreshing blackberry and whiskey fizz cocktail!     With fresh fruit everywhere in the stores right now, we have been looking for some cocktails that would be good candidates for a warm summer evening (yes, it’s still summer!). We found a great deal on some blackberries this weekend, so we set out to make …

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whiskey cocktail in rocks glass with lavender sprigs

Lavender Old Fashioned Cocktail

An herbal twist on the classic Old Fashioned, this Lavender Cocktail is full of flavor!     This herbaceous lavender cocktail is sure to please! We love using lavender in cocktails, and this one is no different. With a woody, almost apple like flavor, the lavender simple syrup plays really well with the bourbon in …

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