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Gastronom is 10 Years Old!

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Last Updated on November 2, 2023 by Leah Hall

It is our 10 year blog birthday! Here are our top 3 recipes from the last 10 years, and more recipes that you love!


10 years as written on 11/3/2022


Today Gastronom is celebrating our 10th birthday! Jay and I are finding it hard to believe that 10 years ago we started our blog! We started it first as a restaurant write up blog, and then it evolved into a food blog, and then now into this iteration – cocktail recipes and spirited travel. We wanted to make craft cocktails easy and attainable at home, and hope that we have done that for you!


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Galaxy Magic Mule Cocktail - purple and blue cocktail in clear mug with blue straw

10 Year Blog Birthday

When we started I would have never thought the blog would be my full time job and a passion project at the same time. I definitely wanted a hobby and something to do that wasn’t be just a stay at home mom. We started this blog, (after talking about it for a while), 4 days after our youngest sons’ first birthday, and he just turned 11!


Thank you for trusting us and letting us show you tasty recipes as well as bar techniques that work at home. We appreciate your visits here to our site, as well as social media. You have no idea how much your support means to us! Jay and I love that we can work together, and love sharing our love of cocktails with you, our reader, too!

Top 3 Recipes

The top 3 recipes from our website from the last 10 years! Help us celebrate our 10 year blog birthday with these 3 cocktails!

So there are the top 3 recipes! Have you tried any of the 3? None, all of them?


We always try to make recipes we think you would like, so we hope in the last 10 years we have made drinks and recipes you like! Plus, we hope you like the addition of travel posts showing you places we have been, and places we think that you would like too!

Lavender Bee's Knees cocktail in a coupe

Thank you!

If there are any recipes you are wanting to see, we would love to know! Comment below with suggestions or email us with your recipe wants. Thank you again for celebrating our 10 year blog birthday and as always, cheers!


Jay and Leah



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