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Walnut Pear Pie Cocktail with Coopers’ Craft Bourbon

A Walnut Pear Pie Cocktail is the perfect fall to winter cocktail to be enjoyed with Coopers’ Craft Bourbon. A bourbon that brings great caramel and fall flavors to the party!     When you think of fruit during the fall and winter, one of the first that comes to our minds are pears. I …

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Pumpkin Harvest – Fall Cocktails

A perfect fall pumpkin and bourbon cocktail! One of our great fall bourbon drinks!       Living in Nebraska gives us a unique opportunity to experience harvest time as our state is still quite closely connected with the farms where the produce comes from.  Even living in Omaha, we see fields being harvested on …

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25 Cocktails to Toast Autumn

Cocktails to celebrate the falling leaves of autumn, these autumn cocktails will hit the spot!     If you need some ideas for cocktails this fall – how about 25 of them? We have all different kinds to offer you! There are so many autumnal flavors listed here – cranberry, apple, orange, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon……yum!) …

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