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Ancient Mariner Cocktail Recipe

In typical tiki construction, this Ancient Mariner cocktail recipe was developed by Jeff Beachbum Berry. A split rum based cocktail, with light and dark rums and allspice dram is a winner!   This tropical cocktail has a split rum base, meaning part Jamaican rum, part demerara rum. It also has fresh citrus juices (lime and …

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Coconut Rum Painkiller – A Rum Cocktail

What’s better than a twist on a classic tiki cocktail than adding MORE coconut as in this Painkiller Cocktail Recipe?   When summer rolls around and the warm evenings makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, you definitely need a cocktail that fully embraces the tropical vibe! What better way than a …

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Homemade Allspice Dram – For Tiki Cocktails

Allspice Dram is a great addition to any cocktail, but especially Tiki Cocktails!   With fall coming, it is the time for everything pumpkin spice and apple cider which means it is time to find new ways to bring delicious warm baking spices into our cocktails. Most people think about cinnamon and nutmeg when you …

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