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20+ Luxury Vacation Rentals in Omaha

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Last Updated on June 11, 2023 by The Noms

If you are visiting Omaha this year, Omaha Vacation Rentals might be on your list of places to stay, and we have you covered with this great list of local vacation homes!


If you are staying in Omaha this year, we have some great Omaha vacation rentals in this post, and finding out of the way places for you! So, these Omaha vacation rentals prove what a good idea Omaha is for a visit.


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Spirited Travel

Since starting our site, Gastronom, we have been traveling all over the US, but we live in Omaha, Nebraska. We always call our traveling “Spirited Travel” because we make sure to always make a visit to local breweries, wineries and distilleries! It’s always a great part of our trip, and we have quite a few great ones in Omaha!


Local Omaha Booze Spots to Visit


We do judge luxury vacation rentals on style, decor, location, price and special amenities they may offer. We personally love to be able to cook at least breakfast for ourselves while traveling, and that is always on our list of things we want offered in vacation rentals! Equally, we love a nightcap, or a cocktail before going out to dinner! So location near cocktails bars or good restaurants, or a lovely spot to sip in the home is a plus!

You will enjoy your time here in Omaha more than you could imagine, we have a great bunch of stuff to do, inside and out, and even though it can be cold, then bundle up and enjoy time away from home!


Omaha Vacation Rentals

Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, and is in the middle of the United States. It is a great place for family vacations, a family reunion and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Located on the Missouri river, across the river from Council Bluffs, Iowa. With plenty of things to do from day trips, family-friendly amenities, private pools and beautiful scenery, Omaha is a wonderful place to take a trip. About 3 hours north of Kansas City, it is easy access from an international airport.


We hope this list helps you find the perfect spot to stay, either in downtown Omaha, Westroads Mall, within walking distance of museums, or a botanical garden! We will show you perfect accommodations with a hot tub, dining area, pool table, hardwood floors all in the best neighborhoods!


These Nebraska vacation rentals can be a great place to enjoy all that Omaha has to offer without staying in a hotel.


Some Great Places to Visit in Omaha


These Omaha vacation rentals are places you can bring the family or a group of friends. We have a bunch all over the city: from the Old Market district, south Omaha with historic homes, north downtown in the heart of Omaha. There are vacation homes near the airport and Carter Lake the perfect place to attend the College World Series, in west Omaha near Zorinsky Lake and Village Pointe with a swimming pool perfect for large groups.


Get ready to enjoy the ultimate Omaha vacation rentals all over the Omaha area! Plan your next vacation in the great location near popular attractions and modern amenities.


Omaha Vacation Rentals

Great options to stay at in Omaha, these VRBOs have great options for friends or families alike! From smaller cottages to big family houses, and an adorable AF zoo themed home, Omaha offers so much for a weekend away!

Where To Stay In Omaha

All the fun things to do and hiking trails are spread out. Omaha is pretty big and takes a while to drive from end to end or north to south. Most likely you’ll be driving everywhere you go, so it doesn’t matter as much where your short-term rentals are located. Neighborhoods are usually pretty quiet and rentals are mixed in with residential homes, or in the downtown area in apartment buildings.


Downtown Omaha is a short stroll to lots of activities and apartment rentals perfect for the whole family. Free parking may be available, too.


There are some activities out west too, because there are a lot of outdoor activities in that part of town too. Tubing or kayaking the Elkhorn river, hiking and festivals, luxury cabins and Mahoney State Park with the observation tower is in that direction.


What Is there to Do in Omaha?


What Restaurants or Bars Do We Recommend in Omaha?

By no means is this our full list. These are just some that we have written about and have liked. Contact us for more info and ideas!


In any event, we hope this helps you find the perfect Omaha vacation rental for your trip! Now the hardest part is picking your favorite. So, if your favorite vacation home didn’t make the list, drop a comment below so everyone can see it.


Got questions about things to do in Omaha? Comment below or DM us on Instagram @gastronomcocktails and we will be happy to help you out!


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