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Kitchen Table Omaha – a downtown restaurant perfect for lunch or a casual dinner!



We finally had a chance to make it down to Kitchen Table, which has been on our list to try since they opened in 2013. Owned by Colin and Jessica Duggan, Kitchen Table is a farm to table restaurant in the heart of downtown Omaha. A true labor of love, they opened Kitchen Table in 2013 after moving back to Omaha from San Francisco to work together and share their passion for good fresh local food.



Kitchen Table Uses Local Ingredients

Featuring fresh house made bread and produce from local farms and suppliers, the food at Kitchen Table is the kind of food you always hear about but rarely find, that comfort food made the right way, with love and passion that pours out of every bite.



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What Did We Order at Kitchen Table?

We went in on an weeknight for dinner, which happened to be burger night. Kitchen Table offered a vegan burger as well as a beef burger. Mr. Nom ordered the burger, Piedmontese Beef (an Italian breed) from Moenning Family Farm in Norfolk, bacon, steak sauce, and Cheddar on a house made Brioche bun with roasted potato wedges.



He also had a glass of neat whiskey from Omaha’s Brickway Brewery.  The burger was cooked to a nice medium, tender with a nice buttery richness. The housemade steak sauce was spicy and smokey with just a hint of sweetness that really complimented thick cut bacon and tang of sharp cheddar. The roasted potato wedges were roasted to a nice golden brown and nicely seasoned. The fresh baked brioche bun was light and airy with a nice hint of butter.







I ordered a mug of hot tea, which was a blend of raspberry and mint with a green tea base. Very fresh tasting, and the mug stayed warm for a good long while throughout the meal. For my meal I ordered the “Whole Bird.” This sandwich is chicken breast, chicken leg confit salad, crispy chicken skin, fried egg and greens on toasted levain (sourdough) bread.




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The chicken was moist and flavorful, but the leg confit made the sandwich for me. It was juicy and tasty, matching the chicken breast in every way. The fried egg and chicken skin added much to the flavors, I just wish the egg yolk had been a little runnier. The greens and the toasted bread added great crunch. This was served with paprika sprinkled popcorn, which gave it a spicy kick, as well as a few sliced of pickled bell peppers, it was overall a great meal!







The restaurant is very casual, with brick and wood paneled walls, with a wall of greenery with the wood. Very inviting and cozy, with most of the tables lining up with a long wooden bench along one wall. You order at the counter, no table servers, but your food is brought out quickly (slow food fast!). Kitchen Table is open M-F 11-8, and 10-2 on Sundays for brunch.






They offer a limited bar, wine and beer on tap and a number of specialty soft drinks. Service was very friendly and quick, greeting regulars and even chatting with newcomers. They have daily specials and an ever changing menu, which you can find at their website. Kitchen Table feels like one of those cool little small town restaurants, just lucky for us in Omaha, located right downtown!






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