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Mixologist Monday with Mr Muddle, Adam Cohen

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Last Updated on November 2, 2023 by Leah Hall

 Another post featuring Mixologists from around the web and Instagram! This episode is with Mr Muddle, Adam Cohen!


So, I will turn the story over to Adam! Enjoy!


Tell us about yourself! How did you get into cocktails?  

I’ve always been into food and cooking. Craft beer was my first beverage love, but my cocktailing really took off after we had our first kid. My wife and I found ourselves home more on the weekend (obvs) and could only drink so much beer. So we started drinking more cocktails to mix it up, and haven’t looked back since 


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Top 3 favorite cocktails

  • Perfect Manhattan
  • Boulevardier/Negroni
  • Last Word


How do you come up with drinks? What is your inspiration?  

When I first started making drinks at home, I often wouldn’t have all the ingredients for drinks I read about. So I’d think about the original drink and the flavor profile of the bottle I was missing, and try to choose a complimentary bottle from my bar.


I still do this where I will take a classic cocktail and swap out one bottle, sometimes for something completely different. Also, the flavor Bible is an I dispensable tool for my drink creation. Seeing the flavor affinities for something really gets my mind working. 



Tell us one fun/interesting or weird fact about yourself

I been playing Ultimate Frisbee for over 20 years (since college), and have named a few drinks using Ultimate terms. 


If you could have a drink with anyone in the world who would it be?

Stephen Colbert – he definitely enjoys a good drink, would be very entertaining, and seems like an easy guy to talk to. 


Tell us 3 Instagrams or blogs that you love to follow 

  • Brian of @heavymuddle – I love his handle, he also makes some killer drinks
  • @sheepishjen – we have very similar sensibilities, what with our love of bourbon and Amari. Also enjoy her casual yet well put together presentations.
  • @chenaholic – Kevin has got some amazing pictures and even better recipes. 


Brown cocktail in coupe, bottles behind


Have a Recipe to Share with Us?

This is a mashup of a Rusty Nail and Hanky Panky (cocktail mashups are another way I love coming up with drinks) 


Hanky Nail

1.50 oz barrel aged gin 

.75 oz drambuie

.5 oz sweet vermouth 

.25 oz Fernet branca.



Make sure to check out Adam on his handle!

Instagram: mrmuddle


Man holding cocktail, in blue shirt, bar behind


Thanks, Adam from Mr Muddle! Hope you all loved this post! More Mixologist Mondays to come soon!


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