Beau Jo’s Pizza – Idaho Springs, CO

August 27, 2015 ReviewsTravel  38 comments

Oh Beau Jo's Pizza, how we love thee! On our way out to Silver Plume, Colorado for a family vacation, we made a stop for lunch in the mountain town of Idaho Springs at Beau Jo's Pizza. Located about 45 minutes out of Denver, Beau Jo's is a Colorado favorite, known for its "Colorado Style Pizza" and inventive pies that you finish with a sweet touch. Beau Jo's Colorado style pizza is famous for its special crusts that use Colorado honey to make a sweet airy golden crust.  The outer rim is purposely formed thickly to make big puffy "bread stick" crusts that are perfect for dipping in the Colorado honey.

A fixture in historic downtown Idaho Springs for more than 40 years, the Idaho Springs Beau Jo's is the original location and feels authentically historic with lots of creaky floorboards, antiques and bits of Colorado mining and ski artifacts everywhere. The atmosphere is relaxed and whimsical (the salad bar is served out of antique claw foot bath tubs!), even when crowded, which feels

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30 Minute Stuffed Cheesy Italian Peppers

August 26, 2015 Meals @ Home  28 comments

stuffedcheesyitalianpepeer-2If you want a quick, easy meal, and if you have some fresh bell peppers laying around waiting to be used, we have the meal for you! This 30 minute meal can easily be adapted to fit your mood, be it Italian (as pictured), or  you can go Mexican taco or twist it up and make a Philly steak pepper! We love to go the Italian style in the summer, especially when our garden is cranking out fresh green peppers, sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh basil!

These cheesy stuff Italian peppers is one of the meals we like to make with our kids, letting them fill the peppers and cover the peppers with cheese and the occasional extra cherry tomato.  While this can lead to some interesting moments in the kitchen, it is a great way to get the kids involved with cooking and maybe get them interested in eating their veggies!  We like to keep the peppers a little bit more crisp by not parboiling them, which allows for a better crunch and a better bit of pepper flavor.  Finishing it up with a toasted

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Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet

August 24, 2015 Cocktails  10 comments

blueberrycucgimlet-2The gimlet is one of those drinks that we turn to when we are in the mood for something tart. Full of fresh squeezed lime and gin, the gimlet is a classic in its base state, but simply adding fresh fruit, infusions or herbs can take the basic gimlet and make it really shine. A good example of this was one of our favorite versions, The Raspberry Gimlet, which just added raspberry to the base gimlet to create a whole new flavor. With the gimlet as the starting point and a batch of fresh cucumbers from our garden and some fresh blueberries from Michigan it only seemed right that we try to combine the two as they work so well together.

This version of the gimlet is a perfect drink for the dog days of summer, combining the sweetness from the blueberries with the crisp coolness of the cucumber. Fresh squeezed lime brings a refreshing tartness that helps cut the heat. A muddled mint leaves and a final float of mint provide an aromatic coolness that finishes the drink with a fragrant

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Summer Breakfast – Bacon Tomato Onion Egg Sandwich

August 20, 2015 Recipes  19 comments

BLTEGGThis summer has been one of the best tomato seasons that we can remember, so with a bucket or two of tomatoes sitting on our kitchen counter needing to be eaten, we have found ourselves finding lots of new ways to enjoy tomatoes (our Tomato Water Bloody Mary) but sometimes you just want to return to something that is classic.  We had gotten up early to head down to the farmer's market and had skipped breakfast, so by the time we got back home we were famished, and with it being brunch time it only made sense to mash two classic sandwiches into one fantastic breakfast.

Combining the fried egg sandwich and the BLT, this sandwich takes the best of both sandwiches and melds them into what might be the perfect summer breakfast sandwich! Runny silky egg yolks and the juicy tangy tomato combine with the sweet onions and salty bacon to make a sandwich full of layers.  Topping it off with a bit of fresh picked basil gave a splash of herbal freshness and really finished the sandwich.

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Coffee Crazy Fair Trade Whole Bean Espresso Roast

August 18, 2015 News  10 comments

coffeecrazyespresso Not to long after our first type of coffee arrived from the folks at Coffee Crazy (see our review here!) a second bag of coffee landed on our front step, this one the Coffee Crazy Fair Trade Whole Bean Espresso Roast. Like the first bag, this one arrived in the mail from and came in on a nice warm afternoon, which helped make the aroma pop when we opened the bag.  Being excited to get some free coffee to review and needing a quick caffeine fix to help recover from a long day at work, we decided to make a quick cup.

The Coffee Crazy Espresso Roast is a medium dark roast coffee, not quite the full dark roast that we would expect with a normal espresso blend, but there is enough roast on the beans to still give a nice robust cup. The beans seemed a little dry, especially compared with the Colombian roast beans we had received, especially as a lot of the truly dark roasts end up having a nice sheen of oil on them that helps pack the ground beans for espresso.  We

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The Bee’s Kiss – National Rum Day

August 16, 2015 Cocktails  29 comments

beeskissWe had spent most of this cloudy summer day perusing through a few antique shops looking for neat bar-ware and photo props to be used in the photos for the blog when Mrs. Nom mentioned that it was National Rum Day.  Of course with us being a blog that focuses a great deal on cocktails, we couldn't let a day devoted to any good spirit go by with out a cocktail, so we whipped this one up out of a cocktail book we found while antiquing, "The Trader Vic's Book of Food and Drink" which sounded like nice way to finish off our day.

The Bee's Kiss is a relatively simple cocktail,with only three ingredients needed, but that simplicity can hide the one little catch.  The original recipe calls for the use of straight honey as the sweetener, which can sometimes be a bit hard to work with as the honey will often not dissolve into the rest of the drink, leaving the drink overly boozy and not nearly sweet enough. Honey can often times be difficult to pour and measure, and when placed in a

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Mexican Street Corn Ice Cream

August 13, 2015 Recipes  62 comments

mexicancorn-3With the success of our Nebraskan cocktail we wondered if we could figure out another tasty treat using the wonderful sweet corn we received from the folks at Amaize Sweet Corn. One of our favorite ways to enjoy a summer night is to have a BBQ by the pool with some delicious fresh sweet corn on the cob and finish up the night with a cold bowl of ice cream. We thought about these great evenings and wondered if we could combine two of our favorites into a delicious savory sweet corn ice cream.

This Mexican street corn ice cream recipe uses queso fresco, cayenne, and salt and pepper to give a savory edge to this creamy sweet treat. Starting with a nice sweet cream base, the Amaize sweet corn gave a sweet yet savory finish that tastes like fresh corn. The Amaize corn is a white corn, but this ice cream turned out looking yellow due to the rich egg yolks.  Hits of pepper and cayenne give a nice spicy kick that actually helps to enhance the sweetness of the cream.  Topping the ice

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Tomato Water Bloody Mary

August 11, 2015 Cocktails  19 comments

tomatowaterbloodymaryWe love a good Bloody Mary, but sometimes Bloody Marys can be hard to drink because the tomato juice or puree can be super thick. We wanted to find a way to get that great tomato flavor that gives the distinctive flavor of tomato to a Bloody Mary but in a lighter, more refreshing form. We ran across a dish that used tomato water as part of a vinaigrette to add an intense tomato flavor to the dish and just like that an idea was born!

Tomato water is different from tomato juice or tomato puree as it uses very little of the pulp that gives tomato juice or puree its thickness, and often times can be clear or slightly reddish pink. We started out by roughly chopping a bunch of fresh ripe tomatoes from our garden along with a few cucumber slices and placing them into a cheese cloth lined colander with some salt.  Now came the really easy part, which is just waiting!  The salt helps to draw the moisture out of the tomatoes and down into the bowl.  After a couple of hours, we had a

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Coffee Crazy Fair Trade Organic Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

August 6, 2015 News  22 comments

coffeecrazycolumbian-3 We were recently contacted by the folks at Coffee Crazy to review a couple of their organic whole bean coffee blends. One of the coffees they sent us was their Fair Trade Organic Colombian whole bean, a rich semi dark roast that is 100% organic and fair trade certified. Our coffee was shipped to us from Amazon, and arrived on a warm summer afternoon, which made opening the bag of beans a very pleasant aromatic experience. We both are fans of excellent whole bean coffee and often grind our own whole beans fresh each morning, and love a nice rich roast to start off the day.

The beans come packaged in a 12 oz  vacuum bag to keep the coffee fresh and flavorful.  Opening the bag, the aroma of the beans is rich and full bodied which really adds to the experience of the coffee. We love to use a french press to prepare our coffee, which allows us to make a nice rich cup of coffee. The beans had a medium roast, which makes the coffee well balanced with hints of chocolate and caramel

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The Nebraskan

August 2, 2015 Cocktails  23 comments

thenebraskan-5When we were asked by the 5 O'Clock Fashionistas if we would take part in their Coaster 2 Coaster cocktail series and bring something to the table that would represent Nebraska, we couldn't pass up the chance to do something a little different. Nebraska is known for its corn, so we figured why not embrace the stereotype and make a cocktail featuring corn! We haven't run across many other cocktails that feature corn as the focal point, so this cocktail is truly an original!

This cocktail will remind you of sweet summer corn on the cob, the black pepper, salt and cayenne bringing a hint of the classic seasonings. The fresh sweet corn milk gives this a silky mouth feel and a fresh sweetness that makes the Corn Kernel taste just like a fresh picked ear of corn. To add a bit more Nebraska flavor, we used Cut Spike Vodka, a locally distilled vodka from Nebraska that uses water from the Sandhills, one of the most picturesque and unspoiled parts of Nebraska.


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