Peach and Raspberry Pizza

October 4, 2015 Meals @ HomeRecipes  36 comments

peachraspbizza-3Pizza is one of those meals that just about everyone likes and is really easy to make at home. Pizza looks great, tastes even better and just about always hits the spot. As a bonus, it is one of those meals that you can make with your kids and get them involved in the kitchen which is a great way to teach them to cook. Rolling the dough, picking out their toppings and sauces and throwing on the cheese can get kids excited and enthused about a meal. We love to make small individual sized pizzas for the kids and let them make their own pizzas, which tends to get them to actually eat their dinner! Or course using peaches and raspberry on this pizza got our boys attention and we had no problem getting them to eat this tasty pie!

For this pizza we decided to go with some nontraditional toppings that really work well together to make a pie that hits the sweet and savory taste buds at the same time. We started out by brushing the dough with a simple sauce made of olive oil, garlic and

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Roasted Grapes

September 29, 2015 Meals @ HomeRecipes  40 comments

roastedgrapecheeseboard-4We first had roasted grapes down at The Market House earlier this summer and both of us were struck at how simple yet elegant this dish came out. When we ran across a bunch of beautiful concord grapes at the Omaha Farmer's Market making some roasted grapes out of them popped into our head. The richly colored purple grapes had a fresh and wonderful aromatic scent that filled our kitchen and made us very excited to use these in various recipes. Roasting them made them tender and slightly sweeter, the flavors bright and aromatic.

We were having some friends over for a nice evening and to share some of our wine that we got on our trip to Napa last year.  We wanted something that would fit along with the great bottle of wine, so making a cheese board seemed like a great fit. Cheese boards are a perfect accompaniment to a great bottle of wine as you and your guests can nibble on the various offerings while sipping on your wine.  Typically consisting of cheese along with crostinis and

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DRAM Apothecary – Silver Plume, Colorado

September 26, 2015 ReviewsTravel  6 comments

DRAM-12Just a few hundred feet from thousands of cars and trucks speeding  on their way along the Interstate is the quiet ghost town of Silver Plume, Colorado.  This historic mining town once was the home to the earliest and most successful silver mines in Colorado, a bustling and lively town full of saloons and shops and rowdy colorful characters. Today the town is sleepy and quiet, but that bustling saloon feeling is kept alive in a quaint old bakery building that is now home to DRAM Apothecary.

Sitting on its own corner down the street from a bunch of Victorian homes and 1880's era shops, DRAM looks every bit the part of a saloon located in a mountain ghost town, a small weathered wooden building that has served as a mining supply store and a bakery in its past life. The whitewashed building looks like it was taken right out of the 1880s with its hand painted lettering, plate glass windows and wooden stoop set against a beautiful background of tall pine trees and mountain slopes

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Knob Creek Bourbon Peach Shortbread Bars

September 21, 2015 Meals @ Home  38 comments

knobcreekshortbread-5We continue to celebrate the wonderful bounty of Peach Season with this deliciously decedent dessert. The Colorado peaches we have are candy sweet and are perfect for use in some great desserts. We had a nice peach pie recently (which resulted in this Peach Pie Cocktail) so we wanted to make something a little different, so Mrs. Nom came up with this delightful shortbread bar that brings highlights the wonderful peach. Adding some of the caramel and vanilla notes of the Knob Creek bourbon along with some cinnamon and nutmeg makes for a delicious filling that packs in a whole bunch of spice and bourbon flavor to the peaches.

The shortbread crust on this bar is buttery sweet and crumbly, just sweet and toasty enough to make a nice base for the peach filling. The bourbon in the peach filling gives another layer of flavor that further enhanced the toasted vanilla and butter of the crust and topping.  The bourbon glaze gives a rich sweet bourbon aroma that makes this a delightful

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Bourbon Peach Pie Cocktail

September 15, 2015 Cocktails  38 comments

peachpiecocktail-3One of our favorite times of the year has arrived, Peach Season, and with the wonderful fuzzy globes of goodness! We are lucky enough to have some beautiful peach trees that are loaded with peaches, meaning we have to come up with all kinds of ways to use the peaches.  One of the ways we always turn to is our 7 year old's favorite dessert, pie, and he always asks for it for his birthday in lieu of the traditional birthday cake.

Our peaches are super juicy and sweet and while this is perfect for eating fresh off the tree, when you want a pie with a tender flaky crust, you have to get some of the juice out of the peaches so that the pie doesn't get soggy. We make our peach pie filling by slicing up the peaches and with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon juice and letting them sit in a bowl to get nice and happy. The sugar makes the peaches give up a bunch of their juice, so we pour the whole mixture into a colander and strain out juice so it doesn't go to waste.

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Omaha Restaurant Week 2015

September 10, 2015 NewsReviewsTravel  48 comments

ORW2015-2We had the privilege of getting a sneak peek of some of the great restaurants that will be featured during Omaha Restaurant Week with the fine folks over at the Omaha Culinary Tours.  We took one of their Sneak Peek tours which featured four restaurants participating in Omaha Restaurant Week, V. Mertz, Le Bouillon, Gorat's and Twisted Fork. Following the format of the Omaha Culinary Tours, we had a chance to sample a course at each restaurant while learning a bit about the featured restaurant, the food we were served and their view of how they fit into the Omaha restaurant scene.  The Sneak Peek tour gave us a chance to get a quick idea of the various cuisine and price points of Omaha Restaurant Week.

Omaha Restaurant Week was founded in 2011 as a way to celebrate the awesome and exciting restaurants Omaha has to offer and to serve as a fundraiser for the Food Bank for the Heartland. During Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer a special menu that features a

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Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Infused Cakes Review

September 8, 2015 News  10 comments

spiritcakes-4One of the really interesting parts of being food bloggers is the fun things that arrive on our doorstep, which in our case often involves some kind of alcohol thanks to all of the cocktails we make. In our case, we recently were contacted by Full Spirited Flavours to try out their Liqueur Infused Cakes as they thought that they would appeal to readers of our blog. Of course we said yes!

In 2009 Full Spirited Flavours was started by 3 sisters who loved to bake and wanted to find a way to support themselves, and decided to do what they loved. They developed a number of different cake recipes, and started a grassroots campaign to get their product out to customers. They appeared on the Rachael Ray show as the snack of the day, and their product was born! Sue, Carole and Kathy have been learning and growing their business since. This product is made completely in the United States and can be ordered directly from their website.

We received the Bloomin' Blossoms cakes with 4

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Aperol Spritz

September 5, 2015 Cocktails  17 comments

aperolspritz-2In these waning days of summer coming, we are still enjoying warm weather drinks, so we figured we better share another classic, the Aperol Spritz. The Aperol Spritz, is bubbly and refreshing and just the right amount of bitter and sweet at the same time.  The history of Aperol starts after WWI in Italy, and it became popular before and after WWII. Mr. Nom's parents recently returned from an Italian trip totally obsessed with the Aperol Spritz, which they said were served nearly everywhere they went, so of course the first thing they did when they got back was to find a bottle of Aperol to make us a Spritz!  Of course we had been making these for a couple of years, but we wouldn't ever miss up an opportunity to enjoy one!

In the 1950s the Aperol Spritz was born when the recipe for the Spritz was featured in a national Italian ad campaign. Aperol is a mix of flavors including bitter orange and rhubarb, but the orange is definitely the standout flavor. An Aperol Spritz is a combo

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Streusel Topped Coffee Cake

September 3, 2015 Meals @ Home  34 comments

coffeecake-4This coffee cake is one of our favorites, and it has a long history in our family as it is the coffee cake that Mrs. Nom grew up eating from childhood just about every weekend for breakfast. Passed down from her grandmother, when this cake appears on our table, it doesn't stick around very long as our boys will gobble it right up. Light and airy and full of sugar and spice with a streusel topping, this cake is perfect as a main dish at breakfast with a cup of coffee, or as a sweet dessert in the evening.

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Beau Jo’s Pizza – Idaho Springs, CO

August 27, 2015 ReviewsTravel  46 comments

Oh Beau Jo's Pizza, how we love thee! On our way out to Silver Plume, Colorado for a family vacation, we made a stop for lunch in the mountain town of Idaho Springs at Beau Jo's Pizza. Located about 45 minutes out of Denver, Beau Jo's is a Colorado favorite, known for its "Colorado Style Pizza" and inventive pies that you finish with a sweet touch. Beau Jo's Colorado style pizza is famous for its special crusts that use Colorado honey to make a sweet airy golden crust.  The outer rim is purposely formed thickly to make big puffy "bread stick" crusts that are perfect for dipping in the Colorado honey.

A fixture in historic downtown Idaho Springs for more than 40 years, the Idaho Springs Beau Jo's is the original location and feels authentically historic with lots of creaky floorboards, antiques and bits of Colorado mining and ski artifacts everywhere. The atmosphere is relaxed and whimsical (the salad bar is served out of antique claw foot bath tubs!), even when crowded, which feels

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