Rhubarb Sour Cocktail

July 25, 2015 Cocktails  One comment

Rhubarbsour-3With the dog days of summer approaching, we harvested the last tender stalks of our rhubarb plant. We decided that we would use some of the stalks to make up a rhubarb simple syrup that would be a nice sweet and tart option for our drinks.  With this fresh syrup in our hands, we decided to try out a recipe that would be quick and simple and pay a bit of an homage to an often forgotten classic, the gin sour.

Combining a tart sweetness with a citrus burst, the rhubarb sour is a great drink for the hot summer evenings. Using a crisp clean gin like Brokers London Dry Gin gives the drink a hit of herbs and citrus that makes the drink very refreshing. The inclusion of an egg white brings a creamy silkiness to the drink, making it feel quite elegant.


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Brandied Chocolate Manhattan

July 19, 2015 Cocktails  38 comments

ChocmanhattanWe always are fans of the classics and when the folks over at Cut Spike Distillery mentioned on Twitter that they were obsessing about Manhattans and wanted another recipe to try, it prompted us to finish up our experimentation on this twist of the classic Manhattan.  Invented in the 1870s at the Manhattan Club in New York, this drink is typical of the cocktails from this period that were plenty boozy and not overly sweet.

Typically made with an American whiskey and Italian vermouth with a splash of bitters the Manhattan is one of those drinks your grandfather grew up drinking. There are a couple of variations that use different alcohols as the base, one of which is the Brandy Manhattan. Typically found up in the bars of the lake country of Wisconsin and Minnesota, the Brandy Manhattan is a sweeter version that cuts out the whiskey making the drink a fruitier version of the cocktail.  Mr. Nom tried one of the "North Woods" Manhattans and missed the bite of the whiskey but

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Root Beer Whiskey Fudge Brownies

July 16, 2015 Recipes  29 comments

rootbeerbrownie-3One of Mrs. Nom's favorite childhood treats was a chocolate root beer float, so adding a bit of an adult twist to that combination only made sense when we had a bottle of Uncle Bob's Root Beer Whiskey come into our possession, especially with whiskey being such a great pair with chocolate. Needing a fun dessert for a night with friends, we decided that a drunken brownie would be the perfect end to a great meal.

This recipe uses a bittersweet dark chocolate to help balance out the sweetness of the root beer whiskey and enhance the herbal notes making the brownie rich and complex. Topped with a root beer whiskey and chocolate whipped cream frosting, there is just a bit of a bite from the whiskey. Starting out with a sweet chocolate flavor and finishing with an intense root beer flavor, the light frosting is a perfect topping to the fudgy brownie.



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Amaize Sweet Corn, Pesto and Sausage Pizza

July 10, 2015 Recipes  73 comments

pestocornpizza-2Being from the Midwest, both of us grew up with corn being a major part of our summer, picking corn from our gardens or stopping by the farm stand before dinner. Both of us have memories of sitting out on the deck shucking corn and looking forward to chomping down a bunch of cobs around the dinner table. When we were asked by the folks at Amaize Sweet Corn to try out a couple of ears of their sweet corn and develop a recipe using the Amaize Sweet Corn, we figured we would give it a shot and see how it compared to the stuff that we grew up with.

Amaize Sweet Corn is the brain child of George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey. The pair began working on perfecting the taste and texture of Amaize sweet corn in 1989 after experiencing a type of corn with a crunch and a pop that differentiated itself from the textures of other corns, which tended to get mushy when cooked. Over the 22 year development, the duo tested well over 10,000 variations of corn before the arrived at what they felt was

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Root Beer Whiskey Flip

July 6, 2015 Cocktails  19 comments

rootbeerflip-3One of our daily activities as food bloggers is to look for new and fun ingredients that might make for some good blog posts. Recently we were checking out different whiskeys when we ran across Uncle Bob's Root Beer Flavored Whiskey. The combination of whiskey and root beer sounded like a great combination, and when we contacted Uncle Bob's Whiskey, they offered to send us a bottle to let us review and share our experience with our readers.  We were admittedly excited, as root beer and whiskey are two of our favorite flavors, so getting a chance to combine the two sounded like a can't miss proposition.  When we received our bottle we both had to sneak a sip right away and when we got the classic smell and taste of root beer, we really got excited about the possibilities!

Uncle Bob's is a flavored whiskey distilled and bottled in Mira Loma, California by Founders 49 Distilling and Whiskey House. Made by blending barrel aged whiskey with natural root beer flavors, Uncle Bob's

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The Independent – A 4th of July Cocktail

July 4, 2015 CocktailsRecipes  28 comments

flagicecubes-2Every 4th of July we get together with family and friends and celebrate Independence Day. This year we were looking for an easy drink that we could make ahead of time so we could take our boys to the parade before heading home to party around our pool.  Of course having friends who are followers of this blog means that we have to make something that not only tastes good, but looks good. We were playing around with different colored ice cubes for another recipe when we had the idea that we could make some layered ice cubes that would look like the colors on the flag. Add in a bit of coconut water infused vodka and some ginger ale and this drink has a nice sweet and tropical flavor that will be perfect for a warm 4th of July!

We started out by filling some ice cube trays about 1/3rd of the way up with red cherry Kool-aid and placing them in the freezer for about 2 hours.  We used large square ice cube trays so that we would get large cubes, but you can use small cube trays if you

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Tropical Strawberry Chiller

June 29, 2015 Cocktails  22 comments

strawberrytropchilWe tend to try to make cocktails featuring ingredients that are in season. While cruising the aisles of the grocery store looking for inspiration, we found a nice batch of fresh strawberries which are typically fantastic in summer and inspired images of strawberry desserts and drinks. Combining creamy coconut milk, sweet strawberries and whipped cream vodka, this drink is perfect for sipping on the deck for a girls night out or as a sweet night cap. Easy to make, the base strawberry syrup is also wonderful for breakfast or as a topping for ice cream!

Tropical Strawberry Chiller

1.75 oz strawberry syrup (see directions below!)
1.5 oz coconut milk
1.5 oz whipped cream vodka
2 dashes bitters
club soda

Pour the strawberry syrup, coconut milk, vodka and bitters into a shaker. Add ice and shake for 15-20 seconds. Add crushed or shaved ice into a high ball glass. Strain into the glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with a fresh strawberry or slices of fresh

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The Red Beet Rye Cocktail

June 26, 2015 CocktailsRecipes  18 comments

redbeetshrub-3With the weather getting warmer, the season for the classic way to beat the heat, the shrub. Shrubs are a combination of sugar, fruit and vinegar that historically has been a way to preserve fruit and as a drink to help cool down. Last summer we tried our first shrub, a Honey Blackberry Shrub, which made us really appreciate the combination of sweet fruit and tart vinegar. The cooling effect of the vinegar in the shrub made it perfect for sipping on a nice warm night by our pool. Our first experience was such a success we ended up making the the blackberry shrub a number of times for our friends and family.

We recently posted a picture of a bunch of red beets that we got from the farmer's market asking what our readers thought we should do with them.  One of our readers, Pierre of Thistle and Vine Bitters, suggested that we make a beet shrub.  We both love pickled beets, so the thought of making a shrub out of our beets sounded like a fun project to try. We did a little

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Chianti, Blueberry and Basil Icepops

June 23, 2015 CocktailsRecipes  36 comments

Chiantisicles-3How can you go wrong with adult popsicles? We had a 1/3 bottle of Chianti that needed to be imbibed, but I just didn't feel like drinking it (I know, crazy, right?!) so I thought, why not freeze it and make something that I can enjoy when it is hot out instead of a glass of room temp red wine? We have an abundance of basil in our garden, and as basil pairs perfectly with the spiciness of the Chianti, I made a blueberry/basil simple syrup to go with the wine. Besides, I needed some blueberries make it healthy, right?

Chianti, Blueberry and Basil Icepops (Chiantisicles!)

Red Wine, less than 1/2 a bottle (any kind you like, but dry reds such as Chianti, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon would work best in this)
Blueberries (about 4-5 in each popsicle mold)
Basil Blueberry simple syrup (recipe below)

Place blueberries in popsicle containers. Combine liquids and pour into the popsicle molds. Make as many as you want! Freeze for 8-10 hours until firm.

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Silicone Egg Rings Review

June 21, 2015 News  26 comments

eggrings We love to cook breakfast, and eggs are a major part of starting our day, so when we were recently given the opportunity to review Cornucopia brand silicone egg rings, we figured this would be a tool that would be a big help to us. We love making various fried egg sandwiches, and being food bloggers who take pictures of our food, anything that can help our eggs come out looking fantastic will be a big help to us.  Available on Amazon - Egg Rings, they were shipped to us in a pack of 4 for $9.99. We decided to try a few different kinds of foods in them to see how they would work.

In the examples pictured, we tried out over easy eggs and crumpets. We were slightly disappointed in how they performed with the eggs, as bit of the egg white seemed to escape a bit from the ring. We found that we could manage the little bit of leakage by making sure we got the ring on the flat sections of the pan and giving them a bit of a press down to get them to seal on bottom. On the positive

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