Share the Cheer with Whole Foods

November 23, 2015 CocktailsNews  17 comments

sharethecheerWe don't know about you, but in our house this time of year is incredibly busy – with the holidays just around the corner and lots of family visiting each other, any way to make holiday food easier can make life a lot simpler.  This is where Whole Foods comes in! Offering complete holiday meals to satisfy everyone including vegan and vegetarian options, no one will go home hungry from your holiday party with the fare Whole Foods has for you to share!

This years holiday menu offerings encompass 8 different meal packages from turkey, ham, vegan or lamb. Whole Foods also offers appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, sides and desserts. The folks at Whole Foods invited us and 4 other bloggers from the Omaha area, Lexi from Lexi Bites, Erin from Her Heartland Soul, Janelle from Bakes in Slippers and Trisha from Eat Your Beets to a to a "Friendsgiving," where we had the chance to try a number of items just to let you know how good they were! We also were asked to make cocktails for this

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Rosemary’s Pear

November 13, 2015 CocktailsNews  15 comments

RosemarysPear-8When celebrating the holidays, there flavors like cranberry, orange, cinnamon, and mint that always seem to pop up in holiday drinks. We wanted to break out of the mold of the ordinary and we think the Rosemary's Pear might just become your new holiday cocktail! Embracing some of the lesser, but no less delicious holiday flavors, this drink is crisp and spicy, with just the right amount of tart to keep you coming back for more.

Whole Foods Omaha likes to work with local bloggers to promote their products, and when they contacted us to develop some holiday cocktails for their customers (check our our Holiday punch here!) we thought of this one almost immediately. With Pear nectar and rosemary simple syrup blending beautifully with a clean crisp gin and a bit of spicy ginger beer adding warmth, the Rosemary's Pear might be a better gift for your true love than a partridge in a pear tree!

The Rosemary's Pear features products that Whole Foods Omaha carries, Black Dot Gin

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Holiday Honey Punch

November 13, 2015 CocktailsNews  23 comments

HolidayHoneyPunch-4With the holidays quickly approaching, having a good punch recipe in hand can make your next holiday get together a big hit with your guests. Historically punches have been a center piece of a party, usually evoking images of some crazy combination of cloyingly sweet fizzy beverages and orange sherbet, but with the rise of the craft cocktails and prohibition era drinks, the classic big punch bowls are making a return as well! Serving a elegant punch like this Holiday Honey Punch will not only impress your guests, but it will make hosting a breeze as you can make most of this ahead of time and let your guest serve themselves, leaving you to enjoy the party!

We were contacted by the folks at the Whole Foods Omaha who were interested in partnering up with us to develop a cocktail to feature as a holiday special for their customers. With Whole Foods sharing a lot of our philosophies about using fresh, local ingredients as much as possible, we were excited to come up with the

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Homemade Mulling Spices

November 13, 2015 CocktailsRecipes  One comment

When making mulling spices yourself, there are a lot of options you can go with. There are many different flavors that can be used, so you need to find what you like and go with it. You can use cloth spice bags, cheesecloth or ready to use tea bags.The basic spices that you want to start with are cinnamon sticks, cloves and allspice berries. Other spices and flavors you can try are orange peel, fresh ginger, star anise, and peppercorns to give that holiday flavor.

The recipe that we use is easy and can be used in making mulled cider or red wine. What a great treat for that cold winter night! A packet can also be used in boiling water on the stove to give those great spice scents in your home during the holiday season.

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Blondie Puppy Chow

November 9, 2015 Meals @ HomeRecipes  18 comments

blondiechow-5One of our kids' favorite treats (we are pretty into it as well) is Puppy Chow, that lovely peanut butter and chocolate treat that is a delightful combination of sweet and crunchy.  We were getting ready for a play date with some of our boys friends and our oldest requested that we make some Puppy Chow as the special treat for his friends.  We pulled out all the ingredients but were missing the chocolate chips!  Necessity is the mother of invention, so we tried out butterscotch chips instead of chocolate. What do you know, this version is nearly as good as the original!

Using butterscotch chips gives the flavor of caramel with the peanut butter, making a slightly sweeter and lighter than the normal chocolate. The flavor is reminiscent of a blondie brownie, full of a caramel, the peanut butter giving a nutty flavor that perfectly pairs up with the butterscotch. For a happy accident, this came out great, and the kids loved it! We also think this would be great with some pecans or

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A Taste of Greece – The Olive Table Olive Oil and Honey

November 6, 2015 News  8 comments

Olivetable-3Most people's experience with olive oil is the relatively flavorless oil that comes out of big bottles from the grocery store. Recently there have even been issues with some of the big name olive oils found on the shelf that didn't even meet the minimum quality standards for olive oil as set by the International Olive Council. So when Dianne Hinaris of The Olive Table contacted us about her company which features premium quality extra virgin olive oil from her family property in Greece, we were excited to try some samples of her products and write up a review about what we thought. Dianne sent us out a couple of free samples of their olive oils and some honey to try out.

The Olive Table imports premium quality, single estate extra virgin olive oils from their family property in Greece. Owned by their family for more than 100 years, the Hinaris family has been making olive oil for three generations, making olive oil a family tradition. Located in the southwestern part of Greece, the

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

November 2, 2015 Meals @ HomeRecipes  25 comments

pumpkinchocchipbar-3Pumpkin recipes are all the rage these days, so when we ended up with some left over pumpkin after our Pumpkin Harvest Cocktail last week we decided we needed to find a great dessert that would fit right in with that great cocktail. Most pumpkin bars are the cinnamon spice cake with a cream cheese frosting, but this recipe changes it up by adding in chocolate chips.

A great combination of pumpkin and chocolate, these pumpkin bars are dense and soft, almost cake-like.  The chocolate chips give each bite a sweet creamy burst of chocolate.  This would be a great dessert for a Halloween party, or even as a different dessert for a Thanksgiving meal.

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Pumpkin Harvest Cocktail

October 26, 2015 Cocktails  28 comments

pumpkinharvest-5Living in Nebraska gives us a unique opportunity to experience harvest time as our state is still quite closely connected with the farms where the produce comes from.  Even living in Omaha, we see fields being harvested on the edge of town, the big combines and grain trucks kicking up dust clouds into the sky giving the sunshine a golden glow that only makes the blazing orange and red maples look even prettier. Apples and fresh cider from local orchards start to appear in the stores and if on cue, our kids start bugging us to take trips to the orchards and pumpkin patch. We are lucky to have lots of great orchards just a short drive away, and before we know it we are lugging home a bushel of apples, a gallon of fresh pressed cider and pumpkins for decorating the house for Halloween.

About this time of year, anything pumpkin is hot, so it was only natural that we found a way to use some of the fruits of our labors to come up with a great pumpkin cocktail. The Pumpkin Harvest

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25 Cocktails to Toast Autumn

October 21, 2015 CocktailsNews  45 comments

Red QueenIf you need some ideas for cocktails this fall - how about 25 of them? We have all different kinds to offer you! There are so many autumnal flavors listed here - cranberry, apple, orange, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon......yum!) These are great for autumn, but these will carry you through winter, too! Cheers!

Drinking with a crowd? Here are some great recipes for a party!

"Hallowine" Sangria

"Hallowine" Sangria via The Seasoned Mom


2. White Wine Apple Cider Sangria

White Wine Apple Cider Sangria via Honey and Birch


3. Holiday Homemade Eggnog

Holiday Homemade Eggnog via A Side of Sweet


4. Sparkling Pomegranate Berry Punch

Sparkling Pomegranate Berry Punch via Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch


5. Cranberry, Orange and Apple White Wine Sangria

Cranberry, Orange and Apple White Wine Sangria via The

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Crockpot Shredded Chicken Tacos

October 19, 2015 Meals @ HomeRecipes  2 comments

shreddedchicken-2Since fall is quickly coming upon us, we wanted to do an easy crockpot meal that is as easy as put the ingredients in and forget it until it is time to eat! Not only is it easy, it also scales up easily to serve anywhere from a single family to a large party, so this is perfect for those busy fall weekend. This chicken crockpot meal has a Mexican twist to it, and is so easy to do! It is made even easier with the ability to use frozen chicken and just let it cook! The chicken ends up tender and juicy, perfect for use on tacos, nachos or in enchiladas. You can regulate your spice level and adjust the spiciness to your taste by adjusting the amounts of spices you put in and as well as choosing the type of Rotel you put in!

We like to serve it on soft shell tortillas with fresh cut tomatoes, sour cream and cheese. We also top it with some fresh cut chives and a splash of hot sauce or salsa. Simple, quick and delicious, the chicken is usually a hit with our two boys as well which is

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