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Tonic water

Tall glass cocktail lined with cucumber slices, mint garnish

Cucumber Cooler Cocktail Recipe

This classic Cucumber Cooler is a great light and refreshing summer cocktail. Like adult spa water, the fruit is muddled for a quick and light sip on hot summer days.     What is a Cooler Cocktail? A cooler is usually a sweet, fruity, sometimes bubbly cocktail, especially in the summer. A cooler will be …

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Gin and Tonic in pine glass, green straw

Gingerbread Gin and Tonic

A great winter version of a classic cocktail, this gingerbread cocktail is sure to taste like the holidays!     Happy winter season! it’s getting chilly around here, which always makes us think of baking spices, baking and holiday treats. One favorite Christmas dessert that always appears around this time of year is gingerbread.   …

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Spiced Gin Punch in rocks glass, spices as garnish

Spiced Gin Punch

This gin cocktail with spiced syrup is the perfect holiday punch for the season!     This spiced gin punch is perfect for the holidays coming up. Super simple, sweet and flavorful, baking spices abound in this one, which makes it a great winter sipper or Christmas drink!               …

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Cocktail with spices

Fall Gin and Tonic Cocktail

Apple and fall spices combine for this great apple cocktail!     When we think of fall, we think of apples. Being in Nebraska, and an hour’s drive away from Nebraska City, where Arbor Day started, we have a lot of apple orchards in our area. We know most people think of pumpkin flavors when …

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Fruity gin cocktails in glasses

Summer Gin Cocktails

Make this Gin Cocktail Summer to cool off with these drinks in this heat!         I don’t know if I enjoy a drink more than one with gin in it, for the summer! It’s such a great alcohol and can be mixed with so many other flavors to make these summer gin …

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