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Chocolate Covered Cherry Valentine Cocktail

A chocolate covered cherry cocktail that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, this can be a great dessert cocktail or a pre-dinner drink. A great Valentine cocktail for sharing with your sweetheart!   Cherry liqueur and Mozart chocolate cream liqueur combine with vodka for a flavor explosion in this cocktail! We think this chocolate covered cherry …

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Stroopwafle S’mores Old Fashioned

We made a simple four ingredient Old Fashioned cocktail. Stroopwafle S’mores cocktail with the caramel cookie infusion instead of graham crackers.   S’mores are loved by adults and kids alike, right? But in this case it will be just for adults in this S’mores cocktail!  S’mores remind us of camping and outdoor time. (Altho I …

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The Cargo Cult – A Mezcal Tiki Cocktail

A Coffee and Banana Tiki Cocktail that’s a great combo of tropical flavors!   This summer has been crazy season, with lots of overtime at work and not nearly enough cocktail blogging! All that extra work means a whole bunch of time dreaming about vacations to far away destinations like someplace with a beach and …

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