2014 Nebraska Producers Choice Chef Award Dinner

As residents of Nebraska we are reminded of our close relationship with agriculture almost on a daily basis, but rarely do we stop and think about where our food really is coming from and who is growing it.  The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society set out 30 years ago to ensure a strong sustainable relationship betweenRead more

Michael Mina’s Pub 1842 at MGM Grand

Las Vegas is an ever changing culinary landscape, the newest and hottest trends sweeping aside established restaurants in the name of progress and the mad pursuit of customers.   The current hot trend is the gastro-pub featuring beer, innovative twists on burgers and a casual upbeat environment and has all the chefs in Vegas jumpingRead more

J.Coco’s Omaha

Omaha’s historic Dundee neighborhood has been undergoing a rediscovery and reclamation, with new businesses and restaurants opening in many of the original buildings. In March 2012, the beloved neighborhood grocery store, Wolhner’s Grocery, was transformed into an exciting new restaurant featuring Chef Jennifer Coco. J.Coco’s is Chef Coco’s namesake restaurant, opening her own space afterRead more