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Dishes and Drinks – A Tour with Nebraska Tour Company

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Last Updated on October 10, 2023 by Leah Hall

Read all about our evening with Discover Omaha Tours!

One of our favorite things to do when we travel to a new city is to find some of the best places to have a cocktail and if we are lucky food to match! Normally we have to travel a long way to get to explore a city, but we recently took a tour with Nebraska Tour Company, a VIP culinary tour company who just happens to lead tours right here in our hometown, Omaha, Nebraska! Getting a chance to experience some of the best cocktail and culinary experiences that Omaha has to offer and not having to worry about any of the details? Sounds like one heck of a deal to us!


This post contains sponsored content brought to you by The Nebraska Tour Company. We were provided a complimentary tour experience in exchange for coverage on social media and this blog, but all opinions and views presented here are 100% our own. Affiliate links are also present and are no cost to you. For further information, or if you are interested in working with us please see our Disclaimer page. 

Yellow cocktail in tall glass with lemon peel. Purple cocktail in coupe with lime peel at Au Courant restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska Tour Company

Nebraska Tour Company was started in the summer of 2017 after some visitors to Omaha mentioned to one of the founders, Alan Rust, that he would be a great tour guide as he was busy telling them all about some of the places they had to visit while they were in town. It wasn’t long before Alan and his business partner Dakotah Smith started Discover Omaha with the idea that they would provide a luxury culinary tour experience that featured the hottest bars and restaurants in Omaha!


Potatoes at Au Courant, Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska Tour Company Tours

The tour we took with Nebraska Tour Company was one of their featured chauffeured tours, Dishes and Drinks, where we had the chance to sample the best cocktails and tastings from some of the top chefs in Omaha. If fine dining and top cocktails aren’t your thing, Discover Omaha has other options available including Tequila and Tacos, Sushi and Sake, Gastropub and Brewery, Bakery and Sweets or the Brunch and Cocktails tour. These all feature luxury transportation (we had a sweet 12 passenger limo van!) that picks you up from your home or hotel, a knowledgeable guide, and a VIP experience at each location so you just get to sit back and enjoy experiencing the bet that Omaha has to offer!

Tablescape at Au Courant in Omaha, Nebraska

Au Courant Restaurant

One really cool part we liked about the experience is that Nebraska Tour Company didn’t tell us the destinations until we were already loaded up in the limo, which brings the element of surprise. In our case we started out with one of our favorite restaurants in Omaha’s trendy Benson neighborhood, Au Courant, which is truly a fine dining experience, combining a top notch cocktail menu with inspired European style farm to table cuisine.

Au Courant sign in Omaha, Nebraska


purple Cocktail at AuCourant in Omaha Nebraska, lime peel on pick


Beautiful plated dish of food at AuCourant in Omaha, Nebraska

Le Bouillon Restaurant

Our second destination, Le Bouillon, is a downtown mainstay featuring the cuisine of James Beard nominee Paul Kulik and his take on rustic French comfort food. Located in Omaha’s historic Old Market, Le Bouillon just launched a tapas menu for happy hour, and we had a chance to sample their new tapas menu and a cup of their house punch (which at $5 for a cup is a smoking hot deal speaking as a cocktail enthusiast!)

Outside patio at Le Bouillon in Omaha, Nebraska


Bar at Le Boullion in Omaha, Nebraska


green Matcha cocktail at Le Boullion in Omaha, Nebraska, raspberry on cocktail pick


Plate of food at Le Boullion in Omaha, Nebraska

Della Costa Restaurant

(Della Costa has since been closed) For our third destination, we headed to Della Costa, (Della Costa is now closed) a Mediterranean inspired restaurant featuring fresh seafood and high end takes on traditional Mediterranean dishes paired up with a great selection of wines and a delicious cocktail menu! Located in the Midtown Crossing complex, Della Costa should definitely be on your list to check out as they have a gorgeous space and one heck of a view from their expansive patios overlooking some prime real estate for some of Omaha’s coolest events!

Della Costa in Omaha, Nebraska


Bread at Della Costa in Omaha, Nebraska


Cocktail at Della Costa in Omaha, Nebraska


Food at Della Costa in Omaha, Nebraska

Stirnella Restaurant

Our final venue for the night, Stirnella, (has since closed) is located in Omaha’s Blackstone District, a part of town that is absolutely exploding with new restaurants and bars. Stirnella is a great gastropub that draws inspiration from locally sourced ingredients to bring some amazing dishes to the table all while pairing up a menu featuring a seasonal cocktail menu and a carefully curated wine list!

Stirnella sign at Stirnella in Omaha, Nebraska


Cocktails on bar at Stirnella in Omaha, Nebraska


Plate of food at Stirnella in Omaha, Nebraska


Appetizer at Stirnella in Omaha, Nebraska, bread and soft eggs on white plate

The whole tour was a top notch experience that makes you feel like a real VIP, from the luxury transpiration that picks you up right at your door, passionate guides that are informative, and the personal attention from some of Omaha’s top chefs and mixologists, Discover Omaha is one great way for visitors and locals alike to find the best dining in Omaha!


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