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Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room, Kansas City, Missouri

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Leah Hall

This post is all about our great dinner at Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room in Kansas City, Missouri. Great fresh summer flavors in cocktails and tasting plates, we enjoyed our visit to Kansas City.


On our recent trip to Kansas City we went to Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room. It is two concepts in one, being that the main part of the restaurant is a supper club, with a stage for live performances and a large bar for those waiting or who just want to have a more causal dining experience. Make sure to check out our unique vacation rentals for places around Kansas City, too!


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black and white picture of Corvino Supper Club entrance

Photo Credit: Corvino Supper Club

Then, there is the tasting room, which we only saw a peek of through the door next to the kitchen, but this features a room where you can watch your food being prepared in the kitchen as well as a great tasting menu curated by the chef.


Corvino Supper Club

Speaking of the chef, Michael Corvino (hence the name of the restaurant) is the chef and owner. He has worked all over from the Pacific Northwest, to Chicago, Dallas, and then Kansas City. Corvino opened in 2017, and Michael with his wife Christina, who is the GM and Sommelier have won numerous awards and great magazine features since their opening.


Christina curates the wine list, does the pairings for the tasting room and is a 2019 James Beard Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow. With all this great experience and knowledge, we knew we were in for a treat!

When we got there we were given a great booth near the stage to more appreciate the live singing act that evening, which was lovely to listen to while dining. We then asked how we should order and our lovely server told us how he would approach dinner, and he encouraged us to order a lot of things to share. Since we needed no encouragement because everything looked and sounded so tasty on the menu.


So, we proceeded to order 5 plates to share and decided if we needed more we could order later. We also ordered some cocktails (duh)! We ordered the Kurosawa and the Runabout cocktails.

Pink cocktail and white cocktail in coupes on table

Cocktails at Corvino

The cocktails were delicious and full of flavor, perfect for a summer evening that was still warm. The Kurosawa was a great combo of gin, sake, lemongrass and aloe. Refreshing and light.


The Runabout called to me to drink it, a lovely combo of bourbon, watermelon shrub and mint oil, which you can see floating on the top. The nose off of the cocktail was like summer in a glass, and it drank that way, too!

The first plates that came out were the Ricotta & Peas, and the Tuna & Octopus Tostada. These were perfect summer sharing plates to have, since they were both served cold, and were lovely bright colors. The Ricotta & Peas was like spring in a bowl. The ricotta cheese was fresh and light, and the fresh peas over the top had just picked freshness and crispiness!

Peas and ricotta cheese in slate bowl

The Ricotta & Peas was topped with fresh lemon juice and mint oil, (which went really well with my cocktail) and was greatly enjoyed and was a lovely start to our meal.


The Tuna & Octopus Tostada had lovely flavors from the fresh seafood as well as miso, fresh avocado and lime juice. There was a hint of spice from Serrano peppers, which complimented the tuna and octopus really well. Topped with radish slices too, it was crisp and bitter.

tuna and octopus tostada with jalapenos and radishes at Corvino Supper Club

We then got the Seaweed Donuts, which sounded wierd, but our server encouraged us to get that one when we asked what shouldn’t be missed. And boty we are so glad we didn’t miss out on these! They were little savory pillowy donuts that had seaweed in them, accompanied with trout roe and cream on the side. We were instructed to break the donuts in half and fill with the roe.

Seaweed donuts in a bowl, roe in bowl with wooden spoon

The roe were salty and briny, and burst when eating, and when combined with the warm donuts made for an absolutely tasty plate that is not to be missed!


Steak Tartare at Corvino Kansas City

Steak Tartare was next on the order. We are always suckers for a great steak tartare, as it is a favorite of both Jay and I. This was served with hot mustard, miso, and pickles on top. It was also served with pumpernickel crackers on the side for a crunchy add, as well as complimenting the freshness of the raw steak. We loved the spiciness of the mustard and the umami from the miso, this was a great fresh dish.

glass bowl with steak tartare topped with pickles at Corvino Supper Club

We got a second round of cocktails at this point. I ordered the Fools Gold, a combination of apple brandy, ginger, honey and citrus. It was very fall like, and put me in the mood for the rest of our meal! Jay got the Judge’s Manhattan: 2 rye whiskies, rojo and barolo chinato. This one was full of flavor and he said it went down easily!

tan cocktail in rocks glass with cherry on pick at Corvino Supper Club Clear cocktail in glass with crushed ice at Corvino Supper Club in Kansas City

We finished out our main courses with the fried chicken. When we were looking at going to Corvino Supper Club, this was the one dish that kept being brought up in reviews and posts from others about the restaurant. Honestly, fried chicken isn’t something either of us order very often, but we thought why not, and it was definitely a hit.


Perfectly cooked chicken, super crunchy on the outside, perfectly cooked and juicy on the inside, this chicken should be what you order! Served with chili butter and pickles, this one had us licking our fingers and wanting for more. We only got the half plate, which was more than enough, but it was just so tasty!

gray plate with fried chicken, ramekin mustard and pickles at Corvino Supper Club

Dessert at Corvino

We wanted to end the meal with a sweet, and while there were many tasty choices to pick from, Milk & Cookies, Chocolate cake, ice cream, we settled on the Lemon & Pistachio. It was a lovely combo of mascarpone ice cream, pound cake and marmalade topped with pistachios. A lovely and not too sweet ending to our meal.

Lemon and Pistachio dessert at Corvino Supper Club

Make sure to add Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room in Kansas City to your visit list! Tasty food, great drinks and fabulous atmosphere. We stayed at the Crossroads Hotel, so make sure to keep it in mind as a place to stay! Cheers!


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