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Blood Orange Gin Fizz

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Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Leah Hall

This winter gin fizz is a perfect blood orange gin cocktail for Valentine’s Day! Using fresh blood orange juice, this drink is perfect for the winter citrus season!


A Gin Fizz is a classic cocktail that is simple and full of flavor. We zhuzh it up with some fresh squeezed blood orange juice and make it a great winter gin fizz perfect for Valentine’s Day sipping and fun!

Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry

What is a Gin Fizz?

A gin fizz is a simple yet classic cocktail that comprises of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white and club soda! We love the lightness a gin fizz has, and a fizz can be made to feature any spirit you would like. There is also another take of Gin Fizzes – the Ramos Gin Fizz, which we made in our Cherry Toasted Cream Ramos Gin Fizz or our Raspberry Peach version.


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Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry

Blood Orange Gin Fizz

This winter twist on the classic gin fizz uses Blood Orange juice, which is usually only available during certain parts of the year. Since blood oranges are seasonal during the winter we like to take advantage of the bright red color to make a fun and festive cocktail. This coincides with the Valentine’s Day holiday, and makes for a great pink color in drinks, and with gin, a tasty sip! Try some other blood orange cocktails like our Blood and Bourbon, Blood Orange Sidecar or Blood Orange Whiskey Sour.

Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry

Blood Orange Gin Cocktail Ingredients

A gin fizz cocktail is easy to make with just a few ingredients. The foam on top is what keeps us making these over and over.

  • Blood Orange Juice – fresh squeezed blood oranges make the gorgeous color in this cocktail!
  • Simple Syrup – feel free to add as little or as much simple syrup as you like. The amount will really depend on how sweet your blood oranges are. We find most fresh squeezed blood orange juice to be more sour than sweet, so we advise a .75 ounce amount in this cocktail, but use what you like.
  • Club Soda – a gin fizz is topped with fizzy club soda, to help keep the bubbles and refreshing aspect of the cocktail.
  • London Dry Gin – there are plenty of other kinds of gin that you can use, but we prefer a London Dry in this drink.
  • Lemon Juice – again, freshly squeezed is best! Also helps activate the foam in the cocktail with the egg white.
  • Egg White – not the whole egg, just the egg white. This ingredient gives the silky texture to the cocktail, as well as adding flavor. It also helps make the foam on the top of the cocktail.
  • Glitter Cherry – while not a main ingredient of this cocktail, we added an edible glitter covered cherry as a bit of flair for a Valentine’s Day cocktail. Makes for a fun and pretty garnish!

Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry

Are Egg Whites Safe to Drink in Cocktails?

Raw egg whites can come with risk, it is minimal. But, you can leave out the egg white if you don’t feel comfortable. Aquafaba can be substituted for the egg white, or just leave out the ingredient altogether. Just be aware you won’t get the foam.

Can I Make this a Blood Orange Mocktail Instead?

Yep! Just leave out the gin and add a little more soda water. Or, you could use a non-alcoholic gin instead of the gin. There are some great choices like Monday Gin, which we used in a Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic!

Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry

Tips and Tricks
  • Prep Ahead – if you prep the simple syrup and fresh squeezed juices ahead of time, this will save a lot of time when making cocktails for a group or for you and your sweetheart.
  • Blood orange juice does stain. Keep that in mind when squeezing and using the juice. Make it easy and use a citrus juicer to get all that gorgeous juice out!
  • Dry Shake – this means to shake without ice. Then, you add ice and shake the cocktail to chill.
  • Vegan Alternative – if you don’t want to use an egg white in this blood orange gin cocktail, then we advise subbing it out by using 2 Tablespoons of aquafaba. What is aquafaba? It is the liquid from a can of chickpeas and makes a great vegan alternative to an egg white. Either way, they both produce great foam for this gin fizz.
  • Club Soda – if you want to change up the recipe slightly, instead of club soda you can use flavored sparkling water or tonic water.
  • No Blood Orange Juice? If you want to make this year all year long and cannot get your hands on some blood orange juice, regular orange juice will work just as well. It just won’t be as pretty or colorful as the blood orange juice.

Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry

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Pink Blood Orange Gin cocktail in tall glass with straw and cherry
Yield: 1

Blood Orange Gin Cocktail

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes

A Blood Orange Gin cocktail is a perfect winter sip with fresh blood orange juice! This gin fizz is easy to make and such a gorgeous pink color, which makes it perfect for Valentine's Day or spring celebrations!


  • 2 ounces London Dry Gin
  • .75 ounce blood orange juice
  • .75 ounce simple syrup
  • .25 ounce lemon juice
  • egg white
  • 1 ounce club soda


  1. Combine all ingredients except club soda in a shaker.
  2. Dry shake (without ice) until frothy, about 20 seconds.
  3. Then, add ice, shake again to chill. Double strain into glass.
  4. Top with club soda.
  5. Garnish with blood orange slice, peel or a glitter cherry.
  6. Cheers!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

4 ounces

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 245Total Fat: .2gSaturated Fat: .1gSodium: 57mgCarbohydrates: 20.4gFiber: .1gSugar: 2.2gProtein: 3.8g

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