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Raspberry Gimlet – A Gin and Raspberry Cocktail

A twist on the classic, this raspberry gimlet is perfect for summer! The sweet raspberries play well with the bite of the lime! Cheers!   This drink takes the refreshing classic gin cocktail, the Gimlet, and adds fresh raspberries to bring a hint of fruity sweetness that makes it taste a bit like a raspberry …

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Grilled Pineapple Juice Recipe

Make this Grilled Pineapple Juice recipe to elevate your tropical cocktails! Can be substituted for any cocktail using pineapple juice!   This recipe takes a classic cocktail ingredient and adds a new flavor that you are going to love! The taste from the grilled pineapple isn’t overpowering. Grilling the pineapple simply adds a subtle hint …

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Cognac Old Fashioned Recipe

This Cognac Old Fashioned is a great twist on the classic cocktail. Discover the complexity that cognac gives, plus lovely warmth.     We decided to incorporate cognac, a high quality brandy produced from distilled white wine into this twist on the classic Old Fashioned (which is usually made with whiskey).   This post contains …

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Orange Moscow Mule – A Vodka Cocktail

Moscow Mule variations are always a good choice of cocktail! We use some fresh orange juice to add a sunny brightness to this Orange Moscow Mule.   Oranges are available year round, so an Orange Moscow Mule makes this this easiest cocktail to have all year long! We love citrus in cocktails, it adds so …

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