Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic – A Gin Cocktail

Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic

A fantastic twist on the classic, this Pine Gin and Tonic is perfect for winter with the pine flavor!




A few years ago we took a summer trip up to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where we visited the little town of Silver Plume. It was here we got the chance to check out a little bitters and syrup company called Dram Apothecary. (Dram is now in Salida, Colorado, and the little bar in Silver Plume is called Bread.)




Pine Gin and Tonic

It was at this tasting room that we first got to try a flavor in a cocktail that we totally didn’t expect, pine. This Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic uses Dram’s Pine Syrup to bring a piney fresh twist to a classic cocktail.




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Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic with pine infused ice cubes and pine tree topped cocktail stirrers. Jigger and Dram Apothecary Syrup bottle in background



Pine, in A Cocktail?

Pine is one of those flavors that you don’t usually find used in cuisine, but it is a flavor that is gaining popularity in cocktail circles. This is because it provides a unique green flavor that can add a refreshing edge to all kinds of mixed drinks. While most people think of the obnoxious fake pine scent of a pine cleaner, a good pine syrup like the one from Dram Apothecary is more nuanced and subtle. It is like the smell of a walk in the pine forests of the Rocky Mountains.




Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic with pine infused ice cubes. Pine topped cocktail stirrers and jigger with red and white napkin

Ice Cube Mold / Jigger / Tonic Water




Our first experience with pine in was in Dram’s Alpine Manhattan. This was a cocktail that combined the vanilla and caramel notes of bourbon with the herbal sweetness of the pine syrup.The Alpine Manhattan had that classic balance of booze and sweet in a Manhattan. But, it had a nice sweet piney finish that definitely brings a sense of the fresh piney woods of the mountains.




We both liked the unique flavor and we bought a bottle of pine syrup to bring the flavor of the mountains home with us!





Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic with pine infused ice cubes and pine topped cocktail stirrer. Jigger in background




What Can We Do With the Pine Syrup?

While we loved sipping the Alpine Manhattan, being cocktail bloggers we are always looking out for other drinks! This is for us to try and share with our readers. We have been a on a bit of a gin and tonic kick recently (see our Strawberry Limeade Gin and Tonic which we are obsessed with)! Then we had a thought that the juniper and citrus notes of the gin would work really well the pine.






We decided to try a little mixology and see where our experimentation would take us.





Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic with pine infused ice cubes





We started out with a basic gin and tonic, using a nice London Dry gin that had a lot of citrus and juniper flavors and mixing in the pine syrup and tonic. While it was good, the evergreen flavor was a little intense. The evergreen flavor (juniper and pine) is sometimes what turns people off of gin, but thankfully there is a lot more to gin these days than your grandfather’s old gin!





Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic in glasses with pine tree cocktail stirrers and a hand holding a glass

Stemless Wine Glasses



What to Mix With the Pine Syrup?

We decided to go with a gin that was a little less juniper forward. So in this case we turned to a favorite of ours, Hendrick’s Gin. Hendrick’s is more floral forward, with a rose and cucumber flavor and a more subtle juniper flavor. The crisp Hendrick’s Gin and the sweet pine syrup combined to create a nice blend of floral, citrus and alpine notes. It was really refreshing, especially when combined with a good quality tonic like Fever Tree.




A splash of lemon brightened up the citrus notes flavor. The lemon also pulls out some of the botanicals of the tonic and pine syrup.





Mountain Pine infused ice cubes on red and white napkin




What Else Can We do in A Pine Cocktail?

We decided to dress the Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic up a bit as it can look a bit plain as almost everything in it is perfectly clear. We wanted something that would add a little color. What better thing to add to a pine drink than some actual pine? We decided to freeze some fresh pine clippings into some large ice cubes, which really makes for a cool looking addition to the cocktail!





Mountain Pine Infused Ice cube on red and white napkins




The Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic is a really refreshing cocktail. We think it can be perfect in the middle of winter or in the heat of summer! Pine is obviously perfect for the winter, especially around the Holidays! It is also perfect for the summer when those of us from the plains start dreaming about escaping to the cool pine forests of the Rockies!




The Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic works for both, so get some pine syrup in your home bar and start sipping away!







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Yield: 1

Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic - A Gin Cocktail

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
A pine gin and tonic - gives fabulous flavor with the right gin.


  • 4 oz tonic water
  • .50 oz Pine Syrup (we used Dram Apothecary)
  • .25 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 oz Hendrick's Gin


Add ice to a glass.

Add gin, pine syrup and lemon juice.


Top with tonic water.


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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 216 Total Fat: 0.1g Saturated Fat: 0.1g Trans Fat: 0g Unsaturated Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 26mg Carbohydrates: 22g Fiber: 0g Sugar: 10.1g Protein: 0.1g

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31 thoughts on “Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic – A Gin Cocktail

  1. Wow. I love these. They look so pretty and refreshing. I love gin and tonics. What a great presentation of them! My favorite gin is from a place called Vikre up by Lake Superior-I am going to have to try this with that gin because I don’t think I have seen Hendrick’s around where I live. But I am pregnant, so I haven’t really been looking. 😉

  2. I’ve never considered pine being made into a syrup. That sounds really interesting and very tasty. I’d love to give this cocktail a try! Those ice cubes are a cute touch. 🙂

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