Rhubarb Sour – A Gin Cocktail

A perfect summer cocktail, the Rhubarb Sour Cocktail!



With the dog days of summer approaching, we harvested the last tender stalks of our rhubarb plant. We decided that we would use some of the stalks to make up a rhubarb simple syrup that would be a nice sweet and tart option for our drinks.




With this fresh syrup in our hands, we decided to try out a recipe that would be quick and simple and pay a bit of an homage to an often forgotten classic, the gin sour.






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Combining a tart sweetness with a citrus burst, the rhubarb sour is a great drink for the hot summer evenings. You may need a shaker and jigger for this one! Using a crisp clean gin gives the drink a hit of herbs and citrus that makes the drink very refreshing. The inclusion of an egg white brings a creamy silkiness to the drink, making it feel quite elegant.



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  1. Hello! I’ve made this before a few times and loved it, but there seems to be a problem with the recipe image, as it’s not appearing and says error? Would love if you could send it to me?
    Matt 🙂

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