Snap Pea Gin and Tonic

Snap Pin Gin and Tonic Cocktail
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One of our favorite things about spring is the reopening of the Omaha Farmer’s Market and the return of all sorts of good produce to our kitchen! We love heading down to the market and checking out the crisp greens, young radishes, rhubarb and fresh herbs that the various stands offer. We had loaded up on fresh greens for making salads and were heading home when we noticed one stand selling fresh spring snap peas. Our boys love snap peas (every time we have tried to grow them in our garden, we never seem to have any that make it to our table as they get eaten as fast as they grow!) so we had to grab some to take home with us.

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Snap Pin Gin and Tonic Cocktail

Having fresh spring snap peas in the house inspired us to experiment with a flavor combination we have wanted to play with for a long time, snap pea and gin! How cool to get your serving of vegetables and booze in one easy drink? We are always looking for good cocktails to drink on the deck by our pool, and since snap peas are so wonderfully spring and summery, we wanted to come up with a cocktail or two that would feature the springy green flavor of the snap pea!

Snap Pea Gin and Tonic Cocktail

Snap peas are one of those vegetables that a lot of people only think about using in a stir fry or fresh salad, and to be honest, that is what we usually think too, but the snap pea can also be wonderfully sweet and green, making them quite the treat. That sweet green makes the snap pea a great ingredient to mix into cocktails as herb flavors are favorites for the complexity they can bring to a drink. We used the snap peas to make a snap pea simple syrup, which pulls out the sweet of the pea while also enhancing the herbaceous quality of the snap pea.

To keep the freshness of the snap peas in the syrup, we chopped the peas and then just brought the syrup and peas up to a boil then pulled it off the heat and allowed it to steep until cool. This technique allowed the syrup to capture the fresh sweet green flavor of the snap pea, with out getting the bitterness that can occur when a snap pea is over cooked. Plus the syrup ends up clear, which makes this syrup kind of sneaky, full of green freshness, but with out the green color!

Snap Pea Gin and Tonic Cocktail


Since we wanted a light springy drink and wanted to bring out a little more of that herbaceous flavor, so we went with the spirit that hits both of those qualities, gin.Gin is one of our favorite summer spirits, crisp and full of botanicals and bright citrus that can be light and refreshing on warm days. We have been really into mixing different flavors into the classic gin and tonic this spring, making a Strawberry Limeade Gin and Tonic or a Mountain Pine Gin and Tonic, so it seemed like a natural direction to start out with for our snap pea syrup.

We liked the way the tonic pulled out the green notes of the snap pea while adding a cool effervescence to the drink. A thin slice of cucumber further enhances the green garden feel of the cocktail, complimenting the sweetness of the snap pea and the bright citrus of the gin. The Snap Pea Gin and Tonic feels like sipping spring in a glass! Cheers!

Snap Pea Gin and Tonic



Snap Pea Gin and Tonic


  • 2 oz Gin
  • 1 oz Snap Pea Syrup
  • 4 oz Tonic
  • 1 thin slice of cucumber
  • For the Snap Pea Syrup
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup snap peas, chopped.


    For the Snap Pea Gin and Tonic
  1. Add in gin, snap pea syrup and ice to the glass.
  2. Top with tonic.
  3. Garnish with the cucumber and a snap pea.
  4. For the Snap Pea Syrup
  5. Chop the peas into pieces.
  6. Add sugar and water to a pot.
  7. Add chopped peas.
  8. Bring water to a boil.
  9. Allow to boil for a minute, remove from heat.
  10. Allow peas to steep for 30 minutes.
  11. Strain and discard the peas, retaining the syrup.


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23 thoughts on “Snap Pea Gin and Tonic

  1. I’ve been looking for fun, new cocktails to try this weekend and this one fits the bill perfectly!

  2. Did you drop a few whole peppercorns in your drink? How did you get the cucumber slice to stay so perfectly on the side? I guess tricks of the trade. πŸ™‚

  3. This sounds like so much fun – def not up everyones alley I’m sure but I love drinks with herbs & the such – like basil or mint – so I think I would love this!

    1. Thanks! I think you would be surprised, it’s not really “veggie” tasting. It makes it sweeter with a herby flavor! Hope you try it out! Cheers!

  4. Squee! I am a G&T girl, but this sounds so delightfully fresh and delicious. I must introduce my Hendrick’s to snap peas post haste!

  5. How lovely! Gin and Tonic is my favorite cocktail and I love new ideas to add a fun twist. And the Omaha Farmer’s Market is amazing! I lived in Omaha for several months last year and lived just down the road from the one in Aksarben Village and loved going every week. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much, G&T’s are a favorite, so we are always looking for a way to spice it up! That’s so awesome that you were here in Omaha, we love the Aksarben one, too!

  6. What a cool idea! Bet this tastes so fresh and green. It reminds me of an old TV show we had over here in the UK called ‘The Good Life’ (so funny if you ever get to watch it!) where they made their own pea pod burgundy πŸ™‚

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