The Spring is Here – A Gin and Snap Pea Cocktail

The Spring is Here - A Gin and Snap Pea Cocktail

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A beautiful spring touch to this gin cocktail recipe is the snap pea simple syrup in this Gin and Snap Pea cocktail.




There is a glorious time during spring where the sweet spring snap peas make their way to the farmer’s market stands and with spring peas popping up on the stands, and we made a point to buy a bunch to be used in all kinds of dishes. We love going to the first few farmer’s markets after they open, grabbing those spring peas and fresh young herbs that are on display in the stands to bring home and use in our meals.



Gin and Snap Pea

Spring peas are beautiful little green treasures, intensely sweet and unspoiled by the hot days of summer, tasty on their own right, but wonderful in food and in our case, a drink we called The Spring is Here!








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The Spring is Here cocktail in coupe. Mint and peas with jigger and wooden spoon on wooden plate. Flowers and yellow canister in background

Coupe / Jigger / Cocktail Picks / Wooden Spoons



Snap Peas in a Cocktail?

When people typically think about snap peas, they don’t think about using snap peas in drinks as snap pea usually is thought of as a savory ingredient that goes in food. However the sweet herbal characteristics of the snap pea can blend itself perfectly into a drink that needs a little bit of that herbal green flavor.



In spring, we love cocktails that can reflect the feeling of spring, the fading of the gray clouds of winter into fresh green and bright spring blooms, so we are always looking to come up with drinks that can scratch that itch!





The Spring is Here cocktail with mint and peas in coupe on wooden plate. Wooden spoon, flowers and yellow canister in background

Mixing Glass / Bar Spoon




On our last trip to the farmer’s market, we came home with a beautiful basket of spring snap peas and a bountiful bunch of young mint. We were thinking about cocktails we could make (one that popped up was our Snap Pea Gin and Tonic which was really delightful!) and we kept coming back to making a beautiful cocktail that would pair up the peas and mint.




Pea and mint is a classic English dish that people have been making for centuries, so why not use that combination for a cocktail?





The Spring is Here cocktail with mint and peas on cocktail pick in coupe




What to Do With the Snap Peas?

We had tried making cocktails where we muddled the green pea into the glass to extract that green flavor, but we weren’t happy with the “debris” that was left in the glass, plus the flavor wasn’t as bold as we were looking for. We had made a snap pea syrup for our Snap Pea Gin and Tonic, which we had made by bringing chopped snap peas up to a boil, then letting them steep until cool.







This syrup technique helped concentrate the natural green sweetness and make the pea flavor. It also resulted in a clear syrup that doesn’t give away the green herbaceous flavor.





The Spring is Here cocktail with mint and peas




What Ingredients are Needed for the Spring is Here Cocktail?

  • White Vinegar
  • Gin
  • Mint
  • Snap Pea Syrup
  • Green Chartreuse



For The Spring is Here, we wanted to channel that feeling of the fresh greens of spring, so we started out with a nice light gin like Hendrick’s, which has a nice floral quality and lightness that feels very springy. Next we added in some of the snap pea syrup to add in a sweet rich snap pea flavor, which pulls out some of the floral and juniper notes from the gin.




We were pretty happy with the gin and snap pea by itself, but we really wanted to add a little depth and complexity and really ramp up the green, so we added a splash of Green Chartreuse, which added a feeling of layered botanicals and herbs.





The Spring is Here cocktail in a coupe with mint and peas. Jigger, woodpen spoon, flowers and yellow canister in background




What Other Flavors Did We Use?

The addition of the Chartreuse required a little sour to bring the gin cocktail recipe into balance, but we both felt that adding the usual citrus brought out a bitter component that we didn’t like, so rather than citrus, we added just a hint of plain white vinegar.




The vinegar brought a little pickled quality to the drink, and a very clean acid component that brightened up the drink and pulled out the fresh flavor of the snap pea! We finished the gin cocktail recipe with a spring of fresh mint as a garnish, which added a delicious aroma and cool burst to the Spring is Here!




We loved cool crispness of the Spring is Here cocktail, a nice combination of sweet and herbs that makes for an intriguing tipple. Definitely feeling like the start of the growing season, The Spring is Here is sure to be a spring favorite!








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The Spring is Here - A Gin and Snap Pea Cocktail
Yield: 1

The Spring is Here - A Gin and Snap Pea Cocktail

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

A light spring cocktail with the flavors of snap pea, green chartreuse and gin.



In a mixing glass, add all liquids.

Add ice.

Stir to chill.

Strain into a cocktail coupe.

Slap the mint between your hands.

Garnish with mint.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 237Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 26mgCarbohydrates: 32.6gFiber: 0gSugar: 2.8gProtein: 0g




The Spring is Here Cocktail in a coupe with mint and fresh peas as garnish on a wood board from Gastronomblog




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  3. Now that it’s heating up in Northern California, cool and refreshing cocktails like your “The Spring is Here” are welcome delights for evening outdoor parties under string lighting. Thanks for sharing your latest recipe inspiration. 🙂

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