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Bourbon Maple Eggnog Cocktail in coupe

Bourbon Maple Eggnog

This Bourbon Maple Eggnog is the perfect winter flavored cocktail. Add a little maple into your classic whiskey eggnog!     Eggnog is a surprisingly polarizing drink. According to a poll I did on Instagram though, most of you like it, so here we go with some eggnog recipes! I have to admit, it’s surprising …

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White Russian cocktail in rocks glass

Eggnog White Russian

This Eggnog White Russian is the BEST White Russian Recipe for the holidays!     It’s probably a dirty little secret around here, but White Russians are one of my favorite cocktails. Because it really tastes like an iced coffee (and cold brew coffee is the bestest!) and it is one-third cream. Yes, I said …

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Cocktail in ornament glass as a Christmas drink

Mrs. Claus Cocktail

This is a perfect Christmas drink, a boozy and sweet drink with gorgeous egg foam!     Happy Holidays everyone! A Christmas drink so full of flavor and booze, which is why you are here, right?! We wanted to make a “Santa” cocktail of some sort, and this one we have dubbed the Mrs Claus. …

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