Bobby’s Burger Palace – Las Vegas

On our recent trip to Vegas, we had a free afternoon which lead us to wander along the strip.  All the walking made us work up an appetite and having late evening dinner reservations, we decided to drop in and sample a “snack” at the fairly new Bobby’s Burger Palace. Bobby’s Burger Palace is the latest location in Bobby Flay’s expanding chain of casual burger restaurants. Located in the Crystals shopping area in front of the Mandarin Oriental, the restaurant is a combination of open and colorful modern and a classic lunch counter from the 50s. The main dining area featured long U shaped bars and large family/community dining tables.  The social tables puts you right next to other diners, making the experience a very public dining experience.  Large windows facing the strip allow lots of light in and a view of the busy Strip outside.  A patio outside along the Strip had scattered tables available for outdoor dining, but no umbrellas so during the heat of the day, shade would be hard to come by.

There are two options for ordering, Left for dine in and right if you want to go.  We ordered the L.A. Burger and the Vanilla Caramel Bourbon spiked milkshake.  The L.A. Burger, a 1/4 pound of Angus beef topped with an avocado relish, watercress, cheddar and tomato, was delivered quickly with the burger cut in half as we had requested.  The burger was well seasoned, the meat fatty enough to carry a lot of flavor and be moist. The watercress unfortunately overpowered the burger, and the other flavors just didn’t stand out. The watercress had a nice bite to it, but having a better balance between the watercress and the other flavors would have made for a better experience. A large dill pickle accompanied the burger on the plate.

The Vanilla Caramel Bourbon spiked milkshake came in a tall chilled glass with ribbons of caramel striped down the sides to add to the flavor.  The vanilla bean ice cream was thick and sweet while the bourbon gave a nice boozy burst to each sip and helped cut the sweetness of the salted caramel. We also had a chance to sample a vanilla bean shake when the server brought out the wrong shake to us.  The plain milkshake had a strong taste of fresh vanilla and was speckled with small black specks which came from the vanilla beans used to make the ice cream. Both shakes were thick, but could easily be slurped up thanks to the large straws provided.

The service staff was not overly personable which can be somewhat understandable as they don’t really have a chance to greet and interact with diners as they essentially just run food out to the number given to you at the time of order.  Servers tended to just drop the food at the table and rush off.  Despite it not being overly busy, the staff felt rushed and seemed a bit overwhelmed, a good example being the delivery of the wrong shake and the ensuing confusion when we stated we had ordered a spiked shake.

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Atmosphere: 3/5 -Somewhat loud and busy, the space is open, bright and colorful and feels airy.  Not much area for private dining as the majority of seating is community style.

Service: 2/5 –  Service was rushed and somewhat unorganized.

Food Quality: 4/5 -Meat used in the burgers was excellent and the ice cream was obviously made for Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Taste: 3/5  – Shakes were both top notch and the meat on the burger was quite good.  The burger had flavors that were unbalanced or this would be a higher number.

Value: 3/5  –  A bit pricy for the size of the burger, but then again it is the Vegas strip, so prices are going to be a bit inflated.

Overall:  3/5 –  If you are looking for a quick bite and a good burger mid-Strip this isn’t a bad option.

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