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Strawberry Pie Cocktail

This Strawberry Pie Cocktail is a perfect summer dessert inspiration cocktail! A strawberry syrup cocktail, with some great flavors just screams summer!   A Strawberry Syrup cocktail with a mix of whiskey and graham cracker infused mezcal is refreshing and super seasonal. We made this cocktail with our strawberry simple syrup, and we think it’s …

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Tropical Vodka Spritzer

Koskenkorva Vodka is a great base for this tropical vodka spritzer. Combined in this cocktail, the vodka with coconut liqueur, strawberry simple syrup and fresh lemon juice to make a refreshing vodka cocktail, perfect for Mother’s Day or all summer long!   We used Koskenkorva Vodka for the base in this spritzer cocktail. We have …

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Strawberry Sage Tequila Smash Cocktail

This tequila smash cocktail is a tasty combo of tequila, sherry and fruit juices. A refreshing and easy cocktail. Bright summer flavors combine in this great fall cocktail!   Margaritas and Palomas are classic tequila cocktails, but sometimes you want to mix it up (ha, get it?!) So enters this Tequila Smash. Juice from strawberries …

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