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Strawberry Sage Tequila Smash Cocktail

This tequila smash cocktail is a tasty combo of tequila, sherry and fruit juices. A refreshing and easy cocktail. Bright summer flavors combine in this great fall cocktail!   Margaritas and Palomas are classic tequila cocktails, but sometimes you want to mix it up (ha, get it?!) So enters this Tequila Smash. Juice from strawberries …

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Strawberry Samurai Japanese Whisky Cocktail

This Japanese whisky cocktail is full of flavor from the small batch Hatozaki!   Hatozaki Japanese blended whisky is very versatile and a great base for this spirit forward cocktail. This Japanese whisky cocktail is warming yet delicate with notes of strawberry and rice wine vinegar.     This post contains sponsored content brought to …

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Strawberry Cocktail

This strawberry cocktail is the perfect year round sipper with gin and strawberry liqueur!   So. we also think this is the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day, ladies’ nights, or special celebrations! Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, you couldn’t ask for an easier cocktail to make or have!     This post contains sponsored …

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Negroni Week – Strawberry Negroni

This Strawberry Negroni is a great cocktail for Negroni Week. We included strawberry infused gin for a summer twist.   This recipe is a great spin off of the classic Negroni cocktail! We are using strawberry infused Campari, strawberry infused gin and sweet vermouth to add a summery berry flavor to the Negroni!   This …

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Vampire Cynar Negroni – Cynar Cocktail

A spooky twist on the classic Negroni cocktail! This Cynar Cocktail is flavorful and made perfect for Halloween with Dry Ice!   Being folks that write about cocktails, we love the time around Halloween! Not only does it mean fall has arrived with all its fun flavors, but it also is a great excuse to …

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Strawberry Paloma Cocktail Recipe

A twist on the classic Paloma cocktail recipe, we added some strawberry flavor to this Strawberry Paloma!   While all the craze on the days leading up to Cinco de Mayo was about margaritas, we were drinking another great Mexican cocktail the Paloma. We needed a good drink for the weekend festivities and since there …

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