tropical cocktails

Blue Hawaii Cocktail

This cocktail is made to be like the color of Hawaii's oceans, always changing, and it even changes depending what ingredients you use. 

Winter Mai Tai

Winter Mai Tai

This is a winter spice twist on the classic Mai Tai! While not technically Hawaiian, I could be persuaded to sip this on a Hawaiian beach!

Tropical Getaway

Tropical Getaway Cocktail

This tropical flavored blue cocktail is the perfect poolside or beach sip! Make this Hawaiian cocktail for a fun serve!

Hawaiian  Creamsicle

This tropical cocktail is made even more fun being served in this vessel and then lit on fire! Makes for a fun party trick with Hawaiian cocktails!

Fall in Paradise Cocktail

Fall in Paradise Fall Cocktail

This Hawaiian cocktail is made perfect for fall by combining tropical flavors with rums and apple cider. Perfect for fall or winter!

Hawaiian Bonfire Cocktail

This Hawaiian Cocktail has smoky and tropical notes combining for a great tropical sip. A must make!

Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Blue Lagoon Tropical Cocktail

This classic vodka tropical cocktail is easy to make and so full of flavor. This fun blue cocktail is a must make if you are wanting a Hawaiian cocktail!