We Can’t Contain Our Excitement – The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening!

The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend

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We loved attending the grand opening of our own Container Store here in Omaha! This store opening was so fun!



As people who spend a lot of time in our kitchen, photo studio, and surrounded by the debris of living with two active little boys, finding a way to control some of the clutter is something we can get excited about. When we heard The Container Store was opening a new store in Omaha we were pretty excited!



When the folks from The Container Store (Free Shipping on orders over $75 from The Container Store! *Applies to all orders shipped in the contiguous US and standard delivery. Excludes expedited shipping.) contacted us to attend a special sneak peek event before their Grand Opening on October 22, we absolutely had to say yes, because we need some cool ways to help us get organized, and who better to turn to than the experts at The Container Store!



This post contains sponsored content brought to you by The Container Store. We were invited guests for this event and received consideration for our time, but all opinions presented here are 100% our own. For further information please see our Disclaimer page.








The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend




Originally founded back in 1978 in a small 1600 square foot retail space in Dallas by a group of friends as a way to provide folks a way to find the goods and products needed to help people organize and simplify their lives, The Container Store gave their customers access to products that were previously only available to restaurants and specialty labs.



The concept was a novel idea (after all, who needs to buy empty boxes and milk crates?) but their new approach to selling things that people needed to get organized helped build a loyal following that lead to rapid expansion.




The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend




Today, The Container Store operates 83 stores all over the country that offer over 10,000 products that can be used to help people organize and simply their lives. The Omaha location is their newest store and first in Nebraska. Located in Westroads Mall, their 25,000 square foot store is a sparkling space full of an amazing array of organizational and storage solutions.



The store is arraigned into sixteen different lifestyle categories like travel, kitchen, closets, office and garage. In each of these areas, specialized products are thoughtfully arraigned and displayed to not only display the items, but also to inspire ideas!




The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend




One area we were particularly excited to visit was the kitchen and food storage area. We are always looking for new ways to store ingredients, syrups we create, and infusions we are creating. We also love anything that can showcase some of our creations, and when we were walking through the kitchen section, our eyes were almost popping out of our heads at the amazing storage offerings!





Amazing Italian Glass Bottles, glass candy store bins Glass Canister Black Matte Lid, Beverage Dispenser w/Spigot and bins that not only preserve and store the ingredients, but could totally showcase our creations! We even were inspired for a couple of ways to make Christmas gifts of some of our creations!




The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend




The Container Store will be holding a Grand Opening event this weekend, starting on Saturday, October 22nd and ending on Sunday the 23rd. This event will be full of giveaways and events for visitors, but more importantly The Container Store will be donating 10% of all sales to the Omaha Children’s Museum.



The Container Store believes in making a difference in their community and working closely with organizations and local vendors, and believes in putting “prosperity before profits” and finding ways that benefits more than just their bottom line! They put their money where their mouth is and will be donating 10% of all the Grand Opening Weekend’s sales (sales, not profits!) to the Omaha Children’s Museum while also donating a number of organization systems to the Children’s Museum!




The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend




The Container Store Omaha Grand Opening Weekend



Visit the Omaha location of The Container Store at Westroads Mall, 10000 California St., Omaha, NE 68114 during these hours: Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 9 PM; Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM



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  1. Absolutely love the Container Store! A bit pricey on certain items but totally love just window shopping and walking out with things I don’t necessarily need haha

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