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Coconut Lime Italian Cream Soda with lime and straws

Coconut Lime Italian Cream Soda

Make theis easy Italian Cream Soda. With just a few simple ingredients, this fun retro beverage with a twist can be made many different ways!     This Italian Cream Soda, or French Soda is a lighter version than the original. We used coconut cream, sparkling water and sugar free simple syrup with lime juice …

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Non Alcoholic Spritz with straw and mint

Grapefruit Spritzer

This non alcoholic spritzer is the perfect drink for Dryuary or if you are wanting a great non ABV beverage!     Did you know that it’s citrus season? One of my favorite things about winter is that all the citrus fruits come to the store, and I am a little overly excited about it! …

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Sage Simple Syrup

Sage Simple Syrup

We love herbal simple syrup, and sage is perfect for a cocktail any time of year.     As in the previous post about the Rosemary simple syrup, we covered the great uses for simple syrup. We enjoy using fresh herbs from our garden and the farmer’s market during the summer, and all the variety …

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