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Cocktail in rocks glass with lime wheel

Mint Lavender Gin Limeade

This limeade recipe is a great boozy combo with gin, and herbal accents of mint and lemonade!     Summer around our house means lots of days by the pool and tending to our herb garden that sits next to our patio. When the summer days start getting really hot, it always seems that our …

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Cocktail in snifter, mint and cherry garnish

The Pineapple Express Punch

This pineapple juice and rum cocktail is a great tiki based drink. Refreshing and flavorful!     The Pineapple Express Punch is named after the yearly weather phenomenon that tends to occur around the holidays out on the west coast. These storms come across the Pacific from Hawaii. They bring the rainy season and cool …

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Green cocktail in coupes with leaves

The Roquette

A great green cocktail, perfect for spring, and using Arugula and gin!     Our garden has produced a bumper crop of arugula this year so we have been trying to find new creative uses other than just salads. We came across this cocktail on Epicurious which is a version of the classic gin cocktail …

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Fruity gin cocktails in glasses

Summer Gin Cocktails

Make this Gin Cocktail Summer to cool off with these drinks in this heat!         I don’t know if I enjoy a drink more than one with gin in it, for the summer! It’s such a great alcohol and can be mixed with so many other flavors to make these summer gin …

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