Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Infused Cakes Review

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Sponsored Post: While we were given product, all opinions are 100% our own.

One of the really interesting parts of being food bloggers is the fun things that arrive on our doorstep, which in our case often involves some kind of alcohol thanks to all of the cocktails we make. In our case, we recently were contacted by Full Spirited Flavours to try out their Liqueur Infused Cakes as they thought that they would appeal to readers of our blog. Of course we said yes!

In 2009 Full Spirited Flavours was started by 3 sisters who loved to bake and wanted to find a way to support themselves, and decided to do what they loved. They developed a number of different cake recipes, and started a grassroots campaign to get their product out to customers. They appeared on the Rachael Ray show as the snack of the day, and their product was born! Sue, Carole and Kathy have been learning and growing their business since. This product is made completely in the United States and can be ordered directly from their website.


We received the Bloomin’ Blossoms cakes with 4 different flavors: Limoncello, Chocolate Raspberry, Amaretto and Mango Coconut Rum. They also offer full sized cakes and junior cakes (just under half the size of the full size) in all the same flavors. We tried all 4, and we were divided on our favorites. Mr. Nom loved the Limoncello and Mango Coconut Rum, while Mrs. Nom loved the Limoncello and Amaretto. The Limoncello was the winner by far, its light lemon flavor with just a the right amount of Limoncello liqueur was sweet, but not too sweet, and we enjoyed every bite.


The Mango Coconut Rum and the Amaretto cakes were next, they were a little heavier on the booze, but had great flavor and the touches of almonds on the Amaretto and mango pieces on the Mango Coconut Rum were a very nice extra. They were also light and not made overly heavy by the liqueur.


The last one we tried was the Chocolate Raspberry. This was our least favorite. The chocolate flavor was great in the cake, but we felt there wasn’t much raspberry flavor, but the liqueur flavor was almost overpowering.


Overall, the cakes were very nice, and they come individually wrapped so you can eat one at a time, or save them all for a party, as they will stay fresh. Some of our toppings ended up a little melted, because the box was received on a very warm day and it sat in the sun on our porch for a few hours. The exposure to the heat during shipping and sitting on our porch caused the chocolate candies and the mango pieces to melt and run over the cakes. Because they were individually wrapped though, the mess stayed in the package and didn’t spread anywhere else, and was easy to drip back onto the cakes after unwrapping.  We hope the folks at Full Spirited Flavours would consider shipping with an ice pack or two in the box so they don’t melt.  We could see using these as an adult party dessert or a nice dessert with ice cream on a fun night with friends, especially with some of the full size cakes.

Disclosure: We received a sampling of Full Spirited Flavours Blooming Blossoms cakes for free in exchange for an honest review and blog post. All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

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10 thoughts on “Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Infused Cakes Review

  1. First visit to your lovely page – so professional looking. Love the dark backdrop and red accents. Great review. I was very intrigued, because it sounded like such a tasty product and we do a lot of online ordering living so far away. Oh, and ordering for loved ones, because they live so far away! Thanks for putting this product on my radar! Will be following for more.

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