Bacchus Has Met His Match – Unbreakable Wine Glasses

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Sponsored Post: While we were given product, all opinions are 100% our own.

As regular readers of our blog might have noticed, we occasionally enjoy partaking in various spirits and entertaining our friends. One of the inevitable side effects of entertaining with folks who have been enjoying the spirits is the occasional broken glass. We recently had the opportunity to check out a set of unbreakable wine glasses from Bacchus Break, a maker of silicone wine glasses that they claim are unbreakable and a perfect solution for the age old problem of drunk people dropping things.  Created by a group of moms from New Hampshire, Bacchus Break released their first product, a 16 oz shatterproof silicone wine glass in February 2015.


We received in a set of two glasses shipped to us from Amazon. Packed in a cardboard box with easy to open packaging (always a plus, especially if you have had to open any kids’ toys recently!) the packaging sets the expectations for the unbreakable nature of the glasses by proclaiming a hassle free lifetime warranty.  One of the first things the glasses tell you to do is to wash them to remove any smell from the manufacturing process. We did notice a slight plastic smell when we opened them, but the majority of the smell went away soon after opening the package. Since the glasses are dishwasher safe, we popped them into the dishwasher and after a quick wash, we were ready to give them a try!


The glasses are soft and very flexible, smooth with a slight tackiness that silicone has. The glasses are a translucent white, similar to frosted glass and shaped like a classic stemless white wine glass. We used a wine that we were pretty familiar with, and we noticed no funny tastes or change to the nose of the wine, so those folks who might have wondered about the effect the silicone might have had on the wine can relax and enjoy! The Bacchus Break glasses are a bit oversized, which is kind of nice for those of us who enjoy our wine.  Being a bit oversized ended up being a benefit, as we did notice that we had to make sure to grab the glasses near the bottom  so that we didn’t collapse the glass too much and squeeze some wine out of the glass.  Once we got used to the flexible nature of the glass, we found using the Bacchus Break glasses to be easy.


Now that we have the business side of the glasses down, lets get to how the unbreakable nature of the Bacchus Break glasses actually performed when put to the test.  Being the parents of two very active young boys, one of who is a three year old who insists on touching everything, it wasn’t long after we opened the box before the glasses were being grabbed and bounced on the floor with great enthusiasm. The glasses survived being jammed in an overloaded dishwasher multiple times. We stuck one filled with water into the freezer and let it freeze, which ended up making just a big ice cube with no effect on the glass. Red wines didn’t stain or discolor the glasses.  Short of dropping them into a shredder or leaving them on a burner (which we didn’t want to do, as we definitely want to keep on using these glasses!) we never found something that we thought would break the glasses.


We think the Bacchus Break wine glasses would be great for folks who want to pack them up for travel or a simple picnic as they can be folded up and jammed into a tiny space. We also think it would be great for folks who own pools, which as you know is always a place where you definitely don’t want the chance for broken glass.  Unfortunately being located in Nebraska in April, our chance to test out the Bacchus Break Unbreakable glasses in our pool would have resulted in us doing an impression of a polar bear rather than a happy pool loving wine drinker. We also think that the glasses will fit our needs next time we have friends over who have butterfingers, because as the folks at Bacchus Break say, “Drunk People Drop S&*t!”

We were not compensated in any way for this product review. All opinions our all our own.



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