Comme Ca – Brunch

On our last day in Vegas for this trip, we went to Comme Cą at the Cosmopolitan for brunch. Having eaten there a few years ago and having such a great experience, we decided that we were going to return the next time we were in Las Vegas.  We had been hearing great things about the brunch from friends, and when we ended up having a day with no plans,  we took the opportunity to enjoy a lazy morning and roll out in the late morning for brunch.

Comme Cą is the brainchild of Chef David Myers and was based off his original location in West Hollywood.  A modern french brassiere, dark wood trim, reds, tile floors, cool chalkboard art, all combine in a Parisian vibe that fits into the hip and cool Cosmopolitan. The modern dishes all have roots in classic french cuisine and are prepared under the supervision of Vegas culinary veteran Chef Brian Howard as the Executive Chef. Chef Howard has a history in other Vegas restaurants like Bouchon, and his attention to maintaining Chef Myers vision of fresh modern sustainable French cuisine.

Comme Ca Brunch - Mini Baguettes

We were seated on their balcony, overlooking the Las Vegas strip.  The balcony has a fantastic view, with the Bellagio Fountains and the Eiffel Tower and Paris Casino Balloon creating a nice busy backdrop.  The balcony is shaded and comfortable even in the Vegas heat, with coolers and fans.  Plus there is a bit of a breeze being up four stories that helps keep you cool. Soon after being seated, we were given a basket of warm mini baguettes with whipped butter.  The baguettes were crusty and nicely chewy and a nice start to brunch.

The Ramble
The Ramble

Being a Vegas brunch, we of course ordered drinks. Mr Nom ordered the Ramble, which is gin, raspberries, lemon juice and simple syrup. Very fresh, the gin and raspberries combine to give a refreshing sweet herbal drink. Mrs. Nom ordered the Blueberry Smash, a combination of vodka, blueberries, lemon wedges and simple syrup. It was summer in a glass, sweet and lemony, almost like a blueberry lemonade.

Comme Ca - Blueberry Smash
Blueberry Smash

We decided to order a few dishes and share them so we could try a larger selection of the menu. We started first with the beef tartare, which came on a wooden board with pickles, and other picked vegetables and some toasted crusty bread to eat with the tartare. Served in a flip top mason jar, the tartare is served with an olive oil poached egg on the top. Rich and meaty, the finely chopped tartare is creamy and well seasoned with hints of salt and herbs.  The egg yolk gives a smooth richness that makes the tartare very satisfying.   The accompanying pickled veggies are sour and tangy with just a hint of sweetness and still retain enough of their crunch that there is a satisfying snap when you bite into them.  Both of us tried to talk the server into bringing us a whole jar for us to take home, but he just laughed and said lots of people ask that.

Comme Ca - Beef Tartare
Comme Ca – Beef Tartare
Comme Ca - Beef Tartre
Comme Ca – Beef Tartare

Our second dish was the Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll.  We had been hearing about this dish for a long time from friends and all of them said it was fantastic.  We were hoping it would live up to the hype, and sure enough it was worth every bit of the hype. The four small cinnamon rolls come in a small cast iron skillet on with two slabs of thick cut pork belly bacon severed on a wooden board.  The rolls are topped with  smoked bacon frosting with a bright red raspberry compote. A drizzle of duck fat confit oozes down into and around the rolls bringing a rich salty and gloriously greasy flavor that makes the cinnamon rolls one of the most decadent dishes we have ever had.   The smokey frosting, sweet raspberry compote and the slight salt from the confit all combined in a warm gooey explosion of happiness that helps wash away any residual memories of the previous night’s partying.   The slabs of bacon were thick and fatty, the crispy grill marks giving just enough of a crunch to give that bacon feel, reminding you that this isn’t your average morning bacon.  There is a salty smokiness to the bacon that when paired with the sweet rich cinnamon rolls satisfies all your taste buds and makes this one seriously awesome way to start the day.

Comme Ca - Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll
Comme Ca – Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll
Comme Ca - Pork Belly Bacon
Comme Ca – Pork Belly Bacon

At Comme Cą, you are likely to get to see many unusual cuts of meat used in the dishes, as one of the visions that Chef Myers has is to use all parts of the animal like they would in the French country side. Our last dish fully embodies that philosophy, the oxtail benedict, takes the oxtail and turns it into a luxuriously meaty rustic dish. The braised oxtail was served on gougėres, which are pastries made of a light pastry dough and cheese.  The gougėres were a nice variation from the typical English muffin, as the light buttery pastry gave the dish a lighter feeling and prevented the dish from being to heavy.  The braised oxtail was tender and rich, the meaty flavor was deep and concentrated from the slow braising of the tail. Topping the ox tail and gougėres by cooked spinach, truffle hollandaise and two poached eggs.  The oxtail was pleasantly salty which really brought out the flavors of the truffle hollandaise and the silky fattiness of the poached egg yolks.

Comme Ca - Ox Tail Eggs Benedict
Comme Ca – Ox Tail Eggs Benedict

Comme Cą – Las Vegas

Atmosphere: 5/5 – Brunch on the Comme Cą balcony is one not to be missed.  Great view, good seating.

Service: 5/5 –  Server was very friendly, quick and efficient.

Food Quality: 5/5 – High quality ingredients and well executed dishes.

Taste: 5/5  – Excellent flavors and textures, balances between sweet and salty, rich and tangy all made for a great dining experience.

Value: 4/5  – Good food, a bit pricey but it’s Vegas.

Overall:  5/5 – Comme Cą for brunch is a do not miss if only for the Duck Confit Cinnamon roll, add in a perfectly executed eggs benedict and fantastic pickles and you have a place that we recommend highly and can definitely be added to our next Vegas itinerary.

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5 thoughts on “Comme Ca – Brunch

  1. Oh my those cinnamon rolls look awesome, would never have guessed that there was duck any thing on them in them or around them. I wanted to eat one while reading your review. Yum

    1. The amazing food is one of the reasons we love Vegas. Omaha has some really great stuff too and we are getting close to that quality of food at some of the places around town!

    2. I’d have to agree with Erin – the food was my favorite part of Vegas. I think we’re spoiled in Omaha with great food options at a lower price than Vegas.

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