Double Barrel Roadhouse – Las Vegas

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On our third day in Las Vegas, we had a $50 reward from MyVegas, which could be used at any Monte Carlo restaurant, so we decided to try the recently opened Double Barrel Roadhouse. Located right off the strip near Monte Carlo’s strip side entry, Double Barrel is an easy location to get to and could be a great place for people watching. There is a patio right outside, but nearly the whole restaurant felt somewhat like eating outside, because of the open walls and large windows that opened to the patio. There are many different levels inside the restaurant, most tables are up some stairs, with the central bar being lower, at the same height as the patio outside. The space seems very stark and industrial inside, the ceiling open and unfinished with exposed mechanicals and catwalks above the dining room. Wood accents and a large mural of a distillery’s barrel room helped warm the room up a bit and give the space a hint of a roadhouse feel.

Not being extremely hungry, due to having a large brunch earlier in the day, so we decided to share an appetizer and have some cocktails. We ordered our drinks, the Blvd Bulleit, with Bulleit bourbon, mint, lime juice and ginger syrup, as well as the Jasmine’s Margarita with Casamigos Blanco, pomegranate concentrate, lime and lemon juice. Both drinks came in a simple un-garnished rocks glass.  I thought it was a little strange there were no garnishes on the cocktails as both would have been well served with a simple lime wheel or lemon twist, as the presentation made it feel somewhat unrefined.

We decided to share the Ahi Tuna lettuce wraps, but were informed they were out of them. We then ordered the BBQ Chicken lettuce wraps. They were very tasty, and came with the BBQ chicken, carrots, scallions, toasted almonds, jack cheese, jalepenos and a lime dressing in a little pipette. While an interesting concept, the pipette was really not large enough to adequately dress each wrap. The dressing amount was really a drop, giving just a hint of dressing.  I wish we would have had more dressing, but as our server went missing for a while, we couldn’t ask for more dressing.

After the wraps, we decided to have dessert. On the menu, they have 5 ice cream sandwiches listed. I am not sure if people are not ordering much dessert or if our server was new and unfamiliar with the menu, but our server didn’t know any of the flavors and had to go and ask the kitchen if they had the only desserts listed on the menu.  After our server returned to tell us that they did indeed have desserts, we placed our order. We waited for around 15 – 20 minutes for the desserts to come out. Listed as Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches, they were served in a small chilled cast iron skillet on a wooden board.  Nice presentation until you realize that there is a wrapper stuck under the edge of the skillet and it becomes quite apparent that the “specialty gourmet ice cream sandwiches” are prepackaged deserts we could have gotten one at the numerous drugstores on the strip for much cheaper than $7 each!  All the kitchen had to do was unwrap the frozen ice cream sandwich, and put it in the skillet and serve it with the wrapper still on the tray. This was very strange and disappointing, especially when we had to wait 20 minutes for them to unwrap them and stick them into skillets.  Of course there is a good possibility the delay is due to the lines at the drugstore next door…

We ordered the Mintimalism, which was chocolate cookies and mint chip ice cream, and the Rem’s Coolhaus, which was a chocolate chip cookie as well as a snickerdoodle, and salted chocolate ice cream. Mrs Nom got her Mintimalism, but Mr Nom received the wrong sandwich, which considering the wait, we decided to cut our losses and just roll with the mistake. He got the Mies Vanilla Rohe, which was chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. Just a strange way to serve these things. It should be better explained on the menu that they aren’t made in house and they are frozen hockey pucks. We wouldn’t have ordered them if we had known this.

Double Barrel Roadhouse – Las Vegas

Atmosphere: 4/5 – Open and airy, with lively music and good views of the Strip.

Service: 2/5 –  Server didn’t know menu, and disappeared for long periods of time.

Food Quality: 2.5/5 -Lettuce wraps were good, ice cream sandwiches were disappointing at best. 

Taste: 3/5  – Very average.

Value: 2.5/5  – All I can say is $7 dollars for a prepackaged “gourmet” frozen hockey puck that I think I could buy at the grocery store. Meh.

Overall:  2.5/5 – The lettuce wraps were good, cocktails ok, service and desserts bad.  Kind of like most things run by SBE, looks good on the outside, not much substance on the inside.

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2 thoughts on “Double Barrel Roadhouse – Las Vegas

    1. I understand the pricing in Vegas, but to call them gourmet and make a big fuss about them and then serve them in that wrapper like frozen hockey pucks… Ugh.

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