Salt 88

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Having an early evening without children, we decided to beat the crowds and head out for an early dinner.  We have been hearing great things about Salt 88 since they opened about a year ago, so decided to give them a shot. We were greeted and seated very quickly. It was a beautiful day outside, and the patio was packed, but the main dining room had immediate seating, so we decided to check out the beautiful room.  We were very pleased to find out that they have happy hour from 3:30-6 daily, Thursday nights from 10 pm – 1 am, and all day on Sunday. That is great, especially a Saturday Happy Hour!

While we perused the happy hour menu, we ordered drinks. I ordered a white sangria, which was light and refreshing with large slices of fresh fruit, served in a frosty mason jar. Mr Nom ordered the Ginger Drop, which was Skyy ginger vodka, lemon juice, and candied ginger. The Ginger Drop started sour with a spicy sweetness from the candied ginger, but finished sweet like a lemon drop.

We decided to take advantage of the happy hour deals, so started off by ordering appetizers. We started with the Spicy Red Tuna Sashimi, which was seared, and served over greens with a spicy orange soy vinaigrette.  The thin sliced tuna was well seasoned, the fish firm and rich.  The spicy orange soy vinaigrette had a sweet citrus tang with a slow burn.  The fresh greens had a crisp snap that held up well to the vinaigrette and the warmed tuna.

Our second dish was the star of the evening, the Swai tacos, which was Swai, cabbage, cilantro and a lime cream sauce. These were amazing, the fish creamy and firm, the breading crisp and very light.  The batter was fried to a light golden brown, the breading thin enough that it didn’t dominate the fish but still thick enough to provide a satisfying crunch. Slaw cut cabbage and fresh cilantro gave a cool freshness when combined with the lime cream sauce.  The sauce was smooth and tangy, the citrus refreshing and cool.  This sauce was also amazing on the greens form the Shashimi.

We were trying to decide on main dishes to have, but decided to stick with the happy hour menu and try a couple more of the tempting appetizers. Mr Nom ordered another drink – the Water Hazard, which was coconut vodka, curacao, pineapple juice, and soda. The Water Hazard was a nod to Salt 88’s location right off of a beautiful golf course.  The drink was a sweet tropical drink that went well with the next round of food.

For our second round of food we ordered the Goat Cheese Rangoon and the Avocado Eggrolls. The eggrolls were VERY hot temperature wise, and took a while to cool off before we could eat them. They were crisp and tasty, with bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and had a great kick with the jalapeños, but the avocados were very creamy and cooled the burn of the jalapeños. A dipping sauce that tasted like a chipotle ranch was a nice addition to the dish.

The Goat Cheese Rangoon were very tasty as well, in very lightly fried wonton wrappers. These were extremely creamy inside,the tang of the goat cheese tempering the friend wonton. A marinara sauce accompanied the dish, but I personally thought the marinara was superfluous. We happily ate the Rangoon with none of the sauce, as the creamy texture and light crispy wonton were fantastic.

We finished the meal with a salted caramel gelato served in a frosted glass bowl.  The gelato was sweet and creamy, the salted caramel classically delicious.  It was fantastic to see this bowl was large enough to share, and the temperature was spot on, cold enough to stay firm but not so cold that you miss that creamy characteristic of gelato.

The service was fantastic all evening, with servers, food runners and bus staff quick and efficient.  Our server was very attentive, made excellent suggestions and was very tolerant of all our random ordering! As a bonus, at the end of the meal we were presented with what I will call the most whimsical “parting gift” dessert we have ever had. Blue cotton candy! It was a fun and cute treat to finish off our meal!

Salt 88

Atmosphere: 5/5 -A beautiful open modern interior, spacious and inviting.  The bar is cool looking and the patio overlooks a golf course.

Service: 4.5/5 –  Service was extremely good, servers knowledgeable and friendly.

Food Quality: 5/5- All dishes were well prepared, high quality ingredients.

Taste: 4.5/5  – Flavors were bold, well balanced and most importantly delicious.

Value: 5/5  –  Happy Hour pricing on a Saturday and Sunday night?  Awesome!  Normal prices were reasonable for the quality of food, but the happy hour pricing hits a homerun.

Overall:  4.5/5 – Salt 88 is a great addition to the Omaha culinary scene.  Highly recommended as a romantic dinner place, fun night out with friends, or a casual early evening dinner.

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One thought on “Salt 88

  1. Thank you very much for dining at Salt. We look forward to delivering a great experience for you. Please ask for myself or my wife Jennifer on your next visit so we can meet you.

    John Horvatinovich

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