Harvest Cafe and Wine Bar

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Back in January we read a review in the Omaha World Herald about the Harvest Cafe, a new locally owned cafe featuring California style cuisine prepared with local produce. The review sounded great and we put Harvest Cafe on our list. We are often out in the Legacy area but haven’t had a chance to stop in and try Harvest.  We recently had a free evening during the week, and finding ourselves looking to try someplace new, we decided to give Harvest a shot.

Harvest Cafe’s wide open dining room has a comfortable modern vibe, while still feeling cozy and intimate.  Dark wood and brick walls are decorated with various wine themed wall hangings.  Booths, tables and small lounge seating areas are mixed throughout the dining room, making this a good place for dinner or an evening drink.  We  were seated near the front of the restaurant, able to see the open kitchen and the large wine bar.   We selected a bottle of Sea Glass Riesling and made our selections.  The menu had a a number of recommended wine and entree pairings, which makes choosing from the wine selection much easier.

We started out with a cheese plate for an appetizer.  The cheese plate featured three different cheeses, fresh cut fruit, honey comb and candied pecans on a bed of mixed greens.   The presentation was clean and appealing and the portion was generous.  The cheeses paired well with the fruity and aromatic riesling.

For our entrees, Mrs. Nom chose the blackened salmon salad and I chose the Salmon au Poivre, both of which paired well with the Sea Glass Riesling. We placed our entree order just before our cheese plate arrived, figuring this would allow the dish to arrive right after we finished our appetizers. The pacing between dishes was a bit off, with us having about a fifteen to twenty minute wait after finishing the cheese plate for the entrees.

Mrs. Nom’s blackened salmon salad had a generous fillet of salmon a top a salad of mixed greens, Maytag blue cheese crumbles, pepper slices and candied pecans. A cup of Russian dressing, tangy with a bit of spice. The salmon was well cooked, firm and flaky, with a bold bite from the blackening spices.   Mrs. Nom felt they were a bit heavy with the blackening with the burn overpowering the flavors of the salad.  The candied pecans provided a nice sweet crunch to the dish.

My Salmon au Poivre featured a fillet of salmon covered in a peppercorn sauce and accompanied by roasted vegetables.  The salmon was once again well cooked, moist and flaky, with a nice slightly crisp crust. The peppercorn sauce, savory with a bold spice from the peppercorns, was smooth with a velvety texture.  The vegetable medley of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower were nicely cooked, roasted just enough to get a little caramelization while still maintaining crispness.

We chose not to have dessert due to limited time, but had the service been a bit faster, we might have tried some of the desserts, as they sounded tasty.

Harvest Cafe and Wine Bar

Atmosphere: 3.5/5 – Nice open space, cozy and intimate while maintaining a wide open dining area.

Service: 2/5 – Attentive to our needs, friendly, but slow.

Food Quality: 3/5 

Taste: 3/5 -Good flavors, somewhat heavy on the spices, but overall very good.

Value: 3/5 – Good portion sizes, wines reasonably priced.

Overall: 3/5 – Good food, comfortable environment.




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One thought on “Harvest Cafe and Wine Bar

  1. Thanks for the review. We are always looking for ways to improve and obviously we must have had a service issue the night you were with us.

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