Okinawa Sushi

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Omaha is a town known for its steak, not its sushi, but with sushi places like Blue and Hiro 88 raising the bar, getting a great roll is possible, if a bit pricey. A few of our friends had mentioned a cheaper and more casual alternative to Blue or Hiro 88, Okinawa Sushi. Having a quick moment with out our two kids, Mrs. Nom and I decided to give Okinawa a shot, rolling into it on a Wednesday night.   Located in a strip mall, Okinawa Sushi features the typical Asian decor found in many Chinese or Japanese restaurants.  Unlike some of the other sushi places we have been recently, we were seated immediately and were able to get down to the business of eating.

We started with edamame and drinks, Mrs. Nom going for the Patio Punch while I chose the Mai Tai.   Served in a plain pint glass, the cocktails were brightly colored from the fruit juices used to make them, the alcohol mostly .  The cocktails were tasty, but nothing revolutionary, and the presentation frankly fell flat.

 We ordered two kinds of sashimi, maguro tuna and sake salmon. The salmon in particular was excellent, the portions very generous and well cut.   The arrangement was nicely done, with the salmon being formed into a rose shape.


 Okinawa Sushi has a large number of the simple classic raw rolls  (Cali Rolls, Spicy Tuna, Salmon Rolls) and a number of cooked rolls all for a very reasonable $4.95 – $8.95.  They also offer a number of specialty rolls featuring specialty combinations of fish and cooking techniques which are slightly more expensive at $10-15 a roll.   We selected two classic rolls, the California Roll and a Philadelphia roll, and two specialty rolls, the Sweetheart roll and the Omaha Roll.

The three cold rolls came out on one plate, with the Sweetheart roll giving a bright splash of red to the plate.   The Sweetheart roll was formed to be shaped like a heart and wrapped in crunchy soy paper, the spicy tuna and mango combine to make a sweet and spicy roll. This was our favorite roll.

The Cali roll and the Philly roll were very simple rolls, the fish and fillings tightly rolled in a thin layer of sticky rice and toasted sesame seed.   The rolls are smaller than those found at Blue or Hiro 88, but at half the price you get a good amount of fish and roll.

Our Omaha roll was a cooked roll and was served to us on a separate warm plate.   The roll is deep fried and covered with crispy onion flakes, has spicy tuna and jalapeno giving the hot dish a real burn. The crispy outer crust on the roll had a satisfying crunch and a nice caramalized flavor from the frying.


Okinawa Sushi

Atmosphere: 2/5 – Nothing special, a bit strip mall-ish generic Asian.

Service: 3.5/5 – Fast and efficient, but sometimes we felt a bit rushed, especially when looking at the long list of rolls.  They do offer online ordering and delivery thru their website.

Food Quality: 3/5 – Fish was fresh, some very artistic presentations but some average. Cocktails need some work.

Taste: 3/5 -Solid dishes, not super inventive but good flavors with no real misses.

Value: 4/5 – Prices were about 50-60% of the big hitters in the Omaha Sushi market, making you feel like you get good value for your hard earned $$.

Overall: 3/5 – Fast, good sushi without breaking the bank.  Not super inventive, but if you have a hankering for sushi Okinawa can fit the bill.

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